Best Ways to Store a Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow can help you move stuff around with minimal energy compared to moving stuff by hand. Whether you’re using it for garden or yard work or even at construction sites, you will be able to move stuff around with no effort. This is the primary reason wheelbarrows are used all around the world, “to move heavy things with ease.” 

However, once people are done with them, they just store them in a garage, either pushed up against a wall or just let it sit in a corner. Although it is okay to store them in a garage as long as they’re not exposed to water or harsh weather conditions, still, they can take up quite some space even if you’re storing them in a corner. Not only do they take up space but you also expose the wheelbarrow to the risk of damaging its tray since a garage is frequently used. 

If you do the same, you should STOP immediately and start caring a little more about your wheelbarrow. Here’s how to store a wheelbarrow to save it from getting damaged and use it for a longer period of time.

How To Store A Wheelbarrow

You don’t need to look anywhere else since we’ve got a variety of ideas for you on how to store a wheelbarrow, ultimately freeing up space in your garage and protecting your wheelbarrow against any damages it might be exposed to.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the “best ways to store a wheelbarrow.” Prior to using any of the ideas listed below, make sure to measure the dimensions of your wheelbarrow and only then proceed with the idea of your choice.

  1. Installing A Wall Mount Wheelbarrow Holder

A wall mount wheelbarrow holder is one of the simplest and most affordable means of storing your wheelbarrow. It can hold any type, any sized wheelbarrow up against the wall for good. It will allow you to keep your wheelbarrow out of the way, and yet reachable if you ever need it.  

A wheelbarrow holder is versatile and features a double spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to store the wheelbarrow from both the top and the bottom. The double spring-loaded system distributes weight evenly which makes it one of the most durable ways to store a wheelbarrow. 

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  1. Installing A Rail & Hook Storage System

If you’re not a fan of the wall mount wheelbarrow holder, installing a rail & hook storage system is a great alternative. Not only is it a bit trendy and aesthetic, but it is also durable and versatile. The rail allows you to move your stored items with ease, whereas the hook allows you to store almost any of your garden equipment, including a wheelbarrow with ease. 

One thing that you need to consider before purchasing a rail & hook storage system is to check how much weight it can withstand without breaking apart. Make sure to get one with a capacity of more than 1,500 lbs since these are versatile and can be used for storing other garden equipment as well. 

  1. Installing DIY Simple Brackets

These are primarily intended for storing wheelbarrows, and similar to the other ideas on the list, you can use them for storing other garden equipment. Don’t let the name “simple” confuse you since these so-called simple brackets are immensely versatile and can hold up anything from wheelbarrows to a ladder, and much more. 

All you need to do is install some brackets in an inverted V shape on some height from the ground and store any of your garden equipment, including a wheelbarrow.

  1. Installing A Wheelbarrow Ceiling Storage Hoist

Similar to the previous idea on the list, a wheelbarrow ceiling storage hoist can easily be purchased from any hardware store or online stores such as Amazon. These are immensely versatile and can store anything from an oddly shaped wheelbarrow to ladders, kayaks, and much more. 

A wheelbarrow ceiling storage hoist features a pulley mechanism that lifts your wheelbarrow and allows it to hang near the ceiling. To put you at ease, they’re secure and feature multiple straps that hold your wheelbarrow and other garden equipment securely. These are ideal for space-saving if you have a small garage that is crammed with stuff. 

  1. Installing A DIY Fence Line Storage System

Installing a DIY fence line storage system is one of the most cost-efficient ways of storing a wheelbarrow. All you need is three 2×4 wooden planks and a set of screws to install the DIY Fence Line. Make sure to install it in an “H” shape on a fence and carefully install the screws along with some clotheslines to hold the wheelbarrow in place. Keep in mind to keep your new DIY wheelbarrow holder a foot or two above the ground.

Once you’ve made your DIY fence line proceed to store your wheelbarrow vertically along the fence. Ta-da, you won’t have to worry about a wheelbarrow taking up space in your garage and/or accidentally damaging it. 

Wrap up

A wheelbarrow is the most frequently used garden equipment and therefore is often left outside and exposed to harsh weather conditions. A wheelbarrow can allow you to save time on moving heavy stuff manually and making multiple trips if you’re moving more than a single item. Due to their frequent usage, many people own one and often store them either in their yards or in their garages which can take up quite some space. 

An effective way to store a wheelbarrow while saving space at the same time is to either get a wall mount wheelbarrow holder, a rail & hook storage system, install DIY simple brackets, a wheelbarrow ceiling storage hoist, or install a DIY fence line storage system. All of these can be done by yourself and without having to hire someone for help. Just keep in mind to measure the dimensions of your wheelbarrow prior to using any of the ideas mentioned above.

Best Ways to Store a Wheelbarrow
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Best Ways to Store a Wheelbarrow
Wheelbarrows are the most commonly used gardening equipment and are often left unattended in the garage which can damage them. Here’s how you can effectively store them.
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