Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

Plants can create positive vibes in the environment. But what to do when it is not suitable to keep plants on the floor? There are several reasons you wouldn’t want your plants to be on the floor, including space issues, kids, and pets messing around with the plants. You can still have plants indoors in your rooms by hanging them from the ceiling.

One of the most common methods to do so is drilling, but people keep on complaining about the disadvantages drilling has. Drilling doesn’t only make it inconvenient to change the plants’ location again and again but also makes the ceiling look ugly if you have an empty hole there. What we want then is a way to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling.

Several products have been introduced for this purpose. Customers should look at their features and then decide which one works best for them. To name a few, suction cup hooks, magnets, adhesive hooks, and tension rods can be used for this purpose.

So we know that to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling is possible. In fact, it is a better way to have plants indoors as it combines convenience and beauty at the same time. 

How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

There are a number of ways in which you can hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. You can choose the best option that suits you the most, or you can also use a variety of ways. It also depends on the types of ceiling you have and the rooms where you plan to have these plants.

If you have planters with a higher weight, you need to look for methods that make it possible for you to hang heavy plants from your ceiling. In such a case, the adhesive method that you use should be strong enough.

1. Suction Cup Hooks

Using suction cup hooks to hang plants from the ceiling is one of the most popular methods. People prefer them because they provide you with ease and flexibility. You will be able to change the place of these hooks and hence the plants whenever you want. The ceiling will never be damaged, and so when you do change the place, it will look as new as before.

Suction cup hooks that are small in size get easily attached to any surface that is non-porous and smooth. They can also be reused and so are pocket-friendly as well.

Links to some popular and good quality options for suction hook cups are the following:

Option 1: Super Powerful Vacuum Suction Hooks


Option 2: JINSHUNFA Wall Hooks


Option 3: VIS’V Suction Cup Hooks


Some features that you would want to look for while choosing a suction cup hook are the suction power, adhesiveness, sturdiness, and ease of use. Higher suction power and good adhesion mean it is possible to use it to hang heavy planters from your ceiling. 

The dimensions and color are important as well to make a decision. Both should be according to the room which ceiling you are using to hang these plants from. If you have a smaller room, you would need suction cup hooks that are smaller in size. The color of suction cup hooks should contrast with the color of the room.

These suction cup hooks are usually made either of plastic or ceramic. There are options available that use reusable plastic if you are concerned about the environmental damage caused by plastic products.

2. Magnets

Another effective and common method in this regard is to use magnets. Of course, the strength of the magnet is important in this case. Some magnets are really strong and can even enable heavy planters to be hung from the ceiling.

Some magnets need holes in the ceiling to be attached, but others can also be attached without any holes. This means that, just like suction cup hooks, you can change your plants’ place without much effort and empty holes in the ceiling.

You can find links to some useful magnets for this purpose below:

Option 1: GREATMAG Magnetic Hooks


Option 2: Magnetic Hooks


Option 3: MHDMAG Magnetic Hooks


Option 4: Swivel Swing Magnetic Hooks


Option 5: Master Magnetics 7580 Magnetic Hook


As long as these serve the purpose, you should not worry about the price. This is also a one-time replacement. You can keep using them until the magnetism wears off, which would not happen in the case of good quality magnets. The links mentioned above are Amazon’s choice according to the honest and reliable ratings given by customers.

Some features to look for in the magnet you choose are the material that they are made of, whether they can rotate or not, and the time span mentioned for its magnetism to remain.

The material will tell you the strength of the product as well as other characteristics; for example, would it rust or not. A major reason for hanging plants indoors is the beauty that adds to the ambiance. It is crucial not to ruin that by using products that will rust and not look good. Magnets that can rotate can have the edge over other magnets. You can only rotate the magnet instead of changing the place in order to change the entire look. The time span will tell whether you would need to make a purchase repeatedly or not.

Another extremely important consideration while choosing a suitable magnet for this purpose is to check how much weight it can hold. If your planters are heavy and the plants are large, you need to make sure that the weight the magnet can hold and retain is large enough.

3. Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are yet another but uncommon method to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. You just need to remove the adhesive backing from the hook and stick it to the ceiling directly. That’s how simple it is.

You need to make sure that the adhesive is strong enough to hold on to your plants. The adhesive material can stop working at times, so you need to make sure you buy those that have good reviews and reliable manufacturers. Another option is to buy those in bulk that are cheap in price. This way, you can keep replacing them whenever you need.

To help you find adhesive hooks that can be suitable for you, check out the links below:

Option 1: Budding Joy Adhesive Hooks


Option 2: FOTYRIG Adhesive Hooks


Option 3: DDMY Adhesive Hooks


Option 4: JINSHUNFA Wall Hooks


The cost of some of these is higher compared to others. But ratings and Amazon’s own choice regarding them is enough for you to rely on them. You can do your own research as well and select the best possible adhesive hook for yourself.

As stated before, you need to make sure that either the adhesive property is reliable for these or you need to buy cheaper options in bulk. You will end up spending approximately the same amount of money on both options. If you buy expensive ones, you won’t have to go through the hassle to repeatedly replace them. On the other hand, if you select cheap ones, you can keep changing the location for a better look each time.

The advantage of getting these is that after the adhesive property weakens, you can use them for hanging other things that do not require so much strength. Hanging plants from the ceiling requires a higher strength as compared to many other things. You just need to make sure not to hang any fragile products to avoid any accidents.

Just like the previous products, you need to check the material used and the overall appearance of these hooks to maximize their use.

4. Tension Rods

To get a completely unique look, you can also try hanging plants from the ceiling using tension rods. This method is rare and hence distinct in its own way. You can even make a pattern and hang plants along with other decorative items in the middle to give a fresh look to your house’s interior design.

You can get some of the best-rated tension rods on Amazon, check the links below:

Option 1: Tension Rods, by qinsou


Option 2: AIZESI 2PCS  Tension Rod


Option 3: AIZESI Spring Black Tension Rod 


Option 4: BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod


Option 5: AIZESI 4PCS Tension Rods


Of course, you need to consider the dimensions of these rods before selecting them. First, select which room you want to put them in and then purchase them. You can place them parallel to each other or diagonally.

One of the greatest advantages of using tension rods would be a lesser risk of the plants falling. Even if you have to hang heavy planters from the ceiling, tension rods will solve the issue. If you want to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling for sure, consider this less common option to be one of your top ones.

Other than the dimensions, you need to check the material, weight, and slipperiness of these rods as well.

The material will determine the sturdiness of the rods. You will be able to hang a variety of plants and planters using high-quality tension rods. The weight should be as light as possible; you don’t want them to be heavy themselves. Regarding slipperiness, you need to check if they will be able to hold the hooks and hence the plants in place. If the hooks keep slipping, then the purpose of the rods does not get fulfilled properly.

5. Which Hooks To Use?

A common element in all of these is the hooks, which will need to be hung from these products. You will get hooks attached to the suction cups and adhesive material mostly. At times you can get magnets also to which hooks are attached. But it is not necessary. Also, you will definitely need to purchase hooks separately if you decide to go with tension rods instead.

You can choose the hooks from any of the following links:

Option 1: Esfun Heavy Duty S Hooks


Option 2: Evob S Hooks Steel (Black)


Option 3: Evob S Hooks Steel 


Option 4: YourGift Heavy Duty S Hooks (Black)


Option 5: Esfun Heavy Duty S Hooks (Black)


Why Not Use A Drill Instead?

It is actually much easier to use a drill instead of looking into all of these options. That being said, even though drill has been the most popular choice till now, people are increasingly looking for alternative ways to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. 

Drilling can be exhausting, and the thought of drilling again and again, if you decide to change the setting, is even more troublesome. The disadvantage of having empty holes in the ceiling that has been mentioned repeatedly remains the top issue in this arrangement as well.

Time To Hang Plants!

The bottom line is that you just need to grab whatever you feel is the most suitable to you and start your indoor plant setting right away. You can also get a combination of the options we suggested to check first what takes the most time to get off and then decide accordingly for the future.

You can be innovative in your design and can even hang multiple plants from the same hook. This will not only give multiple ways to hang your planters, but also, if one plant dies out, you will not have to change it with another one immediately.

Choose your plants and planters and get started! Don’t forget to check the links in our guide for further information and help regarding what to purchase.

Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling
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Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling
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