5 Best Bonsai Tree Pots

There’s no doubt that bonsai trees are gorgeous to look at. However, to match the beauty of the tree, it needs to be complemented by a beautiful pot. And once you begin searching for the best bonsai tree pots for your beloved bonsai tree, you will surely feel lost because of the variety of choices out there. Trust us; we know the struggle. 

There are lists of guidelines and rules to look for when you want to give your bonsai tree a new home. But it still is a personal choice of yours. You would want to look at your bonsai tree and see the beauty it projects. The bonsai tree pot will enhance the plant’s beauty and make your space lovelier and more personal for you. 

The art of bonsai isn’t just about making everything the right way; it’s also about how it makes you feel. Each step should feel therapeutic, intimate, and soul nurturing. The journey your bonsai tree will take depends heavily on the energy surrounding it, and having the right pot for it is essential. Once you’re sure that the pots follow the rules to help your bonsai tree grow to be healthy, you can then start choosing the design and colors and material that speaks to you the most.

To make this step easier and enjoyable for you, we gathered in this list 5 best bonsai tree pots that you should definitely check out and have as your lovely bonsai tree’s new home! 

These are our 3 picks of the list of the best bonsai tree pots :

 BEST OVERALL  – GROWNEER Bonsai Training Pot for its simplicity ;


 BEST DESIGN  – DIYOMR Pastoral Style Vintage Bonsai Planter Pot with its beautiful design;


 BEST RATING  – POTEY Planter Ceramic Glazed Container Bonsai with the most positive customer reviews.


1. GROWNEER Bonsai Training Pot – BEST OVERALL


The GROWNEER Bonsai Training Pot is a simple small bonsai tree pot that will easily get you started in your bonsai growing journey. It’s a black plant pot, made of high-quality plastic to last you throughout the seasons. It’s a durable and eco-friendly pot that you can attach to the tray included in the package. This will keep the water drained out of the pot in the tray to avoid messing up the area.   

The GROWNEER Bonsai Training Pot is perfect for planting small bonsai plants. The dimensions of the pot are 9 inches for the length and 6.6 inches width. As for the tray, 8 inches for the length and 5.8 inches width. It also comes in large bonsai pots, and it’s perfect for repotting. The pot has a simple and practical design. It has raised pot feet to give your plant the water drainage and airflow necessary to its growth. 

Where to put this bonsai tree pot? Anywhere you please! You can put it on the windowsill or in your garden porch. It’s perfect both indoors and outdoors.

User Critic

Users of the GROWNEER Bonsai Training Pot love it and say that it is one of the best bonsai tree pots out there. It is easy to use, and its high-quality plastic makes it sturdy and premium looking. 


  • High-quality plastic
  • Easy to use 
  • Can be put indoors or outdoors


  • May be small for some users

The Verdict

This bonsai tree pot is great for bonsai potting beginners. Practicing in the GROWNEER Bonsai pot is perfect! It will make your bonsai training easier, and it’s a simple product that puts the bonsai tree in the spotlight for you to admire. 

2. DIYOMR Pastoral Style Vintage Bonsai Planter Pot -BEST DESIGN


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this beautiful piece of art! The DIYOMR Bonsai Planter Pot is designed like a natural piece of wood, with a beautiful shape that will hold your plant while giving it a sophisticated vintage look. It’s 6.8 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and 2.4 inches in height. This is approximate, as the natural shape of the pot is made to mimic real driftwood log and may slightly change the measurements. 

To help the water drainage of the plant, the DIYOMR bonsai tree pot has a hole in the bottom. It will make your bonsai tree stay healthy, and the soil won’t be overwatered. The beautiful design of the DIYOMR bonsai pot will bring a vintage touch to your interior if you keep it indoors. It also will spice up your balcony or your garden yards, and most importantly, make your bonsai tree look elegant. 

User Critic

Users of the DIYOMR bonsai tree pot love it, as it’s very convenient, but also really beautiful to look at. It has the highest rankings online, and it’s indeed worth having in your house.


  • Beautiful design
  • High-quality pot


  • Can be small for some

The Verdict

If you want to spice up your space, make it look vintage, and give your bonsai plant a new pot home, this bonsai tree pot is the perfect choice for you. With its simple drainage system and its driftwood log design, it will 

3. POTEY Planter Ceramic Glazed Container Bonsai -BEST RATING


This absolutely stunning POTEY bonsai tree pot is here to steal hearts! The globe ceramic POTEY planter is a simple yet elegant bonsai pot that is suitable for your indoor or outdoor plants. It will make your bonsai plant stand out wherever you decide to place it. 

The POTEY bonsai tree pot is made with high-quality material. It won’t break in extreme temperatures because they are specifically made of high-temperature fired stoneware. The ceramic makes it look elegant, to spice up your interior or garden, and its gloss coat makes it shiny and ready to steal the show.

The drainage system prevents the plant from being overwatered. The POTEY bonsai kit is made of the pot with a drainage hole in the bottom, and its tray that will keep the plant water from dripping on the surface. When the tray is filled with water, simply detach it from the pot, get rid of the water, and place it back under the POTEY bonsai pot.

User Critic

This is one of the best-rated bonsai pots in our list, and it has won the hearts of all its users with its beautiful design and high quality. It may be small for some, but other than that, it’s an amazing product for your bonsai tree.


  • Beautiful design
  • Premium material


  • May be small

The Verdict

This bonsai tree pot is a gorgeous one. Not only is it made of high-quality material, but it’s also appealing to the eye and makes bonsai trees look majestic!   

4. Modern Round Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot


Searching for a bonsai pot with a simple design yet looks elegant wherever you choose to place it? This bonsai tree pot is the one for you! The Modern Round Ceramic planter pot is a simple round pot that comes in five different finishes. You can choose to have the matte brown finish, the glossy aqua blue finish, the matte gray finish, the matte white finish, or the glossy yellow finish. 

This bonsai tree pot has a drainage hole in the bottom to make sure it will keep your bonsai tree healthy and not overwatered. It’s great as indoor decor, or you can place it in your garden and add a touch of color with the different finishes this pot offers.

User Critic

Although this bonsai tree pot is loved by many, some customers worry about the absence of the tray to have under the pot. They would have loved if the pot had one, to prevent the leakage caused by the drainage hole. 


  • High-quality 
  • Different colors and finishes


  • No drainage tray 

The Verdict

In simplicity we find beauty, and that’s exactly what this bonsai kit is all about. It will make your bonsai tree stand out. Whether you choose to accentuate its elegance with a vibrant finish or a matte brown one is your choice, and it’s the perfect size to show off your bonsai tree. 

5. Happy Bonsai Small Glazed Pot


Our last but not least pick for our best bonsai tree pots list is the Happy Bonsai pot. This little bonsai pot is such a cute piece of decor that will add a beautiful touch to your interior or window. It is an octagon-shaped bonsai pot, and it comes in a dark blue glossy finish.

It’s small compared to the other bonsai plant pots we reviewed above, but it will make your small bonsai tree look magnificent wherever you put it. It comes with a drainage hole in the bottom and soft mesh drainage screens to keep your bonsai tree plant healthy.

User Critic

Some users complain about how delicate the pot is, and would have preferred if it had a tray from the extra water.   


  • Beautiful shape and finish
  • Perfect for small bonsai plants


  • No tray for drainage water

The Verdict

A small yet practical bonsai pot for your small bonsai tree? Your plant will adore the Happy Bonsai pot, whether you put it in your window or any other place indoors. It’s a perfect pot for a perfect bonsai tree!  

Bonsai Tree Pot – What To Consider When Choosing It?

Choosing the perfect bonsai tree pot is a necessary step in the bonsai practice. The bonsai tree pot will serve as a home for the bonsai tree, and it’s important to find the right pot for your baby plant. These are the things you should consider before buying one for your bonsai tree. 

  1. The size

The bonsai tree needs to have enough space so that its roots can stretch a little. The size will depend on the size of the bonsai tree. It’s important to have enough space for the roots. This way, the root ends will have more space to get all the necessary water and nutrients from the soil.

  1. The dimensions

The ideal height of the oval and rectangular bonsai pots is usually ⅔ the height of the bonsai tree. For round and square bonsai pots, the ideal height should be ⅓ the height of the bonsai tree. The width should be narrower compared to the spread of the longest bonsai tree branches. 

  1. The shape

This highly depends on the bonsai tree’s style. If your bonsai tree has a straight trunk, you can balance it out by having a rectangular bonsai pot. While if your bonsai tree has a curved or soft-lined trunk, a round-cornered or round pot is perfect for it. And if your bonsai tree has a rugged trunk, it will look best in a hard angles bonsai tree pot. 

  1. Drainage system

This is a necessary thing to consider. When buying a pot for your bonsai tree, it should definitely have a drainage hole at the bottom. This will keep your bonsai tree from being overwatered to keep it healthy. 

Types of Bonsai Tree Pots

There are many types of bonsai tree pots for you to choose from. However, it is important to take into consideration the materials and, of course, the guidelines stated above. The bonsai pot should not only be beautiful to look at, but it should be practical and good for the health and growth of the bonsai tree. 

  1. Material 

The bonsai tree pots can come in plastic, ceramic, porcelain, concrete, clay, mica, stoneware, wood, or metals. For the pots made of metals they can be quite risky, as the metals may release toxins, and it may harm the bonsai tree. You can also create your own bonsai tree pot! The classic bonsai pot is made of ceramic or porcelain or stoneware burned. Why are they popular? It’s because they hold no water in their material, and they absorb it well. This is necessary for the bonsai tree’s growth and health, so keep it in mind when choosing your bonsai pot! 

  1. Shapes of Bonsai Tree Pot

The shapes of the bonsai tree pots depend on the bonsai tree. You can have your bonsai tree in a round-shaped pot, square-shaped pot, rectangular-shaped pot, rounded or oval corners on a rectangular-shaped pot, Lotus shaped pot, or wide shallow pot. It is related to the nature of the trunk of the bonsai tree, as we mentioned in the section that discusses the dimensions of the bonsai tree pot. 

5 Best Bonsai Tree Pots
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5 Best Bonsai Tree Pots
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