7 Best Electric Backpack Sprayer

Maintaining a lawn isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to spraying chemicals and keeping it pest-free. Carrying a hose around surely is tedious and not to mention, time-consuming. There’s one solution to all these problems: the electric backpack sprayer.

This wonderful gadget eliminates the need of throwing fertilizer and showering pesticides manually. It can be worn just like an ordinary backpack and carries a pipe that is used to shower chemicals. This powerful invention combines the power of a battery and the comfort of a backpack with a reliable garden sprayer, making your life easier.

Maintaining your lawn has never been so simple, and to make things easier we have compiled a list of the best electric garden sprayer for you to choose from.

 Best overall  – 105EX Electric Backpack Sprayer


Great battery life and constant sturdy pressure with a good range. Comfortable and easy to carry.

 Best for battery life  – Hudson 13854 Never Pump Bak-Pak


Up to 10 hours of battery life in one 9-hour charge, work all day long without having to worry about battery.

 Best value for money  – Scotts 190567


A pocket friendly and easy to use option that provides a lot of customizability.

1. Sprayers Plus 105EX Electric Backpack Sprayer


The 105EX electric backpack sprayer eliminates the need for pumping. The biggest advantage of 105EX electric sprayer is that it contains a premium Lithium-ion battery which allows it to spray up to 23 tanks of 4 gallons on a single charge while maintaining the PSI. Hence, ensuring reliability and effortless spraying.

The 105EX contains Viton seals which are both stronger, more durable, and last longer than conventional rubber seals. This makes the product more reliable and increases its lifespan.

A variety of high-grade nozzles are included with the product allowing you to choose your desired type. Different nozzles have different ranges and spread. You can choose one as per your requirement.

The premium strap increases comfortability, allowing you to carry the backpack easily without straining your shoulders. This premium backpack sprayer has been made keeping your comfort in mind without compromising on performance.

User Critic

Various customer reviews labeled 105EX as the best electric backpack sprayer, specifically praising its water pressure, nozzle, and comfortable straps. Several users compared using this product with a manual hose, concluding that it gets the work done in half the time and with complete ease. However, some users have complained about receiving faulty products from the company.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Customizable Nozzles
  • Comfortable backpack
  • Extensive water range
  • Battery and motor enclosed and safe from moisture


  • High price

Final Verdict

105Ex electric backpack sprayer has everything one needs in an electric sprayer. The unparalleled features of this premium product make it one of the best electric backpack sprayer in the market irrespective of the price.

2. Hudson 13854 Never Pump Bak-Pak


The Hudson 13854 comes packed with a battery that promises 10 hours of spray in one charge. The battery can be recharged in 9 hours using an AC charger. This makes Hudson 13854 one of the best products in terms of battery timing.

It has a large, tough and translucent tank that comes with a 4 inch opening for easy filling, a filter is installed at the opening to prevent debris from getting in. It has a 72-inch hose that helps provide easy reach and is durable.

It contains 4 different high-quality nozzles for different purposes. Along with that, it has a lockable premium shut-off valve that helps provide continuous spraying while maintaining a 60 PSI pressure.

The padded shoulder straps add to the comfort while making it easy to carry this product around. 

User Critic

This battery powered backpack sprayer has been praised for its long-lasting battery life and the high pressure spraying it provides. Some users have pointed out that it is a bit too heavy to carry and can be sometimes difficult to use.


  • Long battery life
  • Large tank
  • Good pressure


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to use

Final Verdict

This is one popular backpack sprayer with one of the best batteries and a long hose that adds to your comfort. It can be used by most people but might be difficult to hold because of its weight for some users.

3. SCOTTS 190567 Li-ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer


Scotts 190567 is one of the most popular and user-friendly options available amongst thousands of battery-powered backpack sprayers. This premium grade product uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and can spray up to 12 full tanks per charge, significantly improving your turnout time.

The 21-inch poly wand combined with Viton seals improves its lifespan by providing protection from chemicals and keeping the internals moisture-free.

The easy-to-use design ensures hassle-free repairing. The sprayer can be repaired easily without using tools and the seals can be replaced in no time.

There is a 3-in-1 nozzle which can be customized as per your requirement, easing your spraying process and saving you from the hassle of changing nozzles every time.

User Critic

Most users have praised this pocket-friendly product for its durability and value for money as it stands at a whopping 4.6 stars with 1k+ reviews. Although some users have complained about the stream being weak and some have faced a recharging problem. 


  • Great battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Customizable


  • Weak stream
  • Might have charging issues

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly and durable electric sprayer then this is the real deal. But it might not perform well in large lawns.

4. Field King Professional 190515


Field King Professional 190515 is a battery-powered backpack sprayer that has everything one needs in a good backpack sprayer. It comes with an 18V battery that can provide up to 4 hours of spray time, meaning more time spent spraying and less time spent charging.

The wand is equipped with Viton seals and gasket, which helps provide more durability and protects the equipment from harmful chemicals.

A lockable shut-off at the end of the wand makes this product stand out because it reduces the risk of hand fatigue. The in-line filtration system is made in such a way that it is easy to clean making it extremely user friendly.

Instead of featuring 1 customizable nozzle, this electric pump sprayer comes with 4 different nozzles to be used as per requirement. Each nozzle serves a different purpose and is made from high-grade material, ensuring reliability.

User Critic

Most of the users have regarded this as a good rechargeable battery powered garden sprayer in a medium price range that provides all the promised features and is good for spraying in large areas. One drawback seems to be the flexible wand which makes it difficult to spray during windy seasons.


  • Good battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Concealed battery compartment
  • Long spray range


  • Flexible wand
  • Low PSI

Final Verdict

This is a good product overall which satisfies almost all the standards, be it good battery life or ease of use. The price is a bit high as compared to other products and the low spray pressure might be a problem for some but overall it’s a decent product.

5. HUDSON 19001 4 Gallon NeverPump Bak-Pak Sprayer


Hudson 19001 is packed with an 18V Lithium-ion battery to provide long durations of spraying, with the battery lasting more than 5 hours per charge.

This rechargeable battery powered garden sprayer has a 6.3ft wand that can help increase the reach of the spray, significantly easing your spraying work. The 6ft tank opening allows easy filling and comes with a filter that keeps the dirt out.

It has a comfortable lockable shut-off valve that helps reduce hand strain and provides uninterrupted continuous spraying.

Hudson 19001 comes with different premium-grade nozzles, each used in different situations. Changing the nozzles is easy and these different nozzles provide user customizability.

User Critic

Most of the users regard this battery powered backpack sprayer as an extremely good product that satisfies their needs along with being easy to use. The battery life of this product is relatively good and might last up to 8-9 hours. The only problem seems to be a heavy product and the uncomfortable backpack straps.


  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable shut-off valve
  • Durable wand


  • Uncomfortable straps
  • Heavy product

Final Verdict

This is a good product at a decent price range. Although it can be a bit heavy, the performance it provides is top-notch and the battery life is truly remarkable as compared to other products.

6. Field King 190571


Field King 190571 is a premium electric sprayer with a Lithium-ion battery that promises to spray 12 full tanks per charge.

The product uses the highest quality Viton seals throughout to ensure maximum chemical resistance. The seals are easily replaceable, hence no tool is required for repair making this product extremely user friendly.

The lockable shut-off, which reduces hand fatigue, is combined with a long and durable wand. This makes spraying easier and the long wand helps increase the spray reach along with protecting the user from harmful chemicals

It includes 4 different nozzles, each having a different use. Along with these 4 nozzles, the product can also be used with Teejet nozzles, making it a versatile sprayer.

User Critic

The product holds 4.5 stars on Amazon and is highly praised by users for its premium performance and battery life. The wand is long enough to work and the nozzles provide customizability. However, the tank capacity can be an issue as it holds only 2 gallons.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Durable wand
  • Easy to repair
  • Custom nozzles


  • Low tank capacity
  • Low pressure for some users

Final Verdict

Field King 190571 is a good performer overall with a good value-for-money. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, durable battery backpack sprayer for a medium-sized lawn, this should do the trick. The low tank capacity, however, might prove to be troublesome for users with large lawns.

7. Chapin 63924 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer


The Chapin 63924 comes with a 24V battery that guarantees up to 2 hours of constant spraying, spraying 58 gallons in one charge. The battery timing is considerably low as compared to other products.

This electric garden sprayer features a 6-inch wide mouth opening leading to a 4-gallon translucent white tank. This ensures ease of filling and you can spend a long time spraying without having to worry about the chemical running out.

This electric pump sprayer comes equipped with a cushion gripped shut-off valve that also contains a built-in filter that prevents clogging. The hose is 48-inch long and provides 35-40 PSI of pressure, helping you maintain a steady stream.

The padded shoulder straps make sure that you’re comfortable while using the product. The adjustable brass cone nozzle provides durability and easy spraying.

User Critic

Chapin 63924 is easy to use and works fine in almost all conditions. Some users have complained about the back straps being uncomfortable, the tank leaking, and the material not being premium grade as opposed to what they expected in this price range.


  • 24V battery
  • Large tank
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Leakage problem

Final Verdict

This is a good sprayer that can be used easily to spray in a lawn, the only drawback being the high price as according to some users the value for money is low.

How To Choose The Best Electric Backpack Sprayer For Your Lawn

While using a battery-powered backpack sprayer makes your life easy and keeps your lawn healthy, it is very important to know which product to choose. Every product combines several in-demand features for lawn spraying, so before buying one you should figure out what features you need. These are some of the things you should consider:

  • Size of Lawn

The size of your lawn plays an important role in choosing a suitable sprayer. Some sprayers have a large tank capacity while some don’t, so that should be kept in mind.

  • Battery Life

If you want to do continuous uninterrupted work then you should look for a sprayer with the best battery life so that you can spray for a long time without having to worry about recharging the battery.

  • Pressure of Spray

Some sprayers provide 40 PSI pressure while some provide more. It’s up to you and your requirement to choose which sprayer you want. Some lawns require high-pressure spraying while some can be sprayed with relatively low pressure.

  • Comfort

Comfort should be kept in mind while buying a sprayer as you would be carrying it around on your back and long periods of carrying can result in back pain if the backpack is not comfortable.

Manual vs Electric Backpack Sprayer

What are the key differences between a manual backpack sprayer and a battery-powered one? Which one should you buy? We have compiled a list of features that will help you choose better!

Manual Backpack Sprayer

  • Constant manual pumping is required
  • Can be used all day without having to worry about charging
  • Might cause hand fatigue due to excessive pumping

Electric Backpack Sprayer

  • Battery powered pumping
  • Needs to be recharged
  • Easy to use

The Electric backpack sprayer is clearly the better option that eases your spraying job and helps you keep your plants healthy. So if you’re thinking of buying a backpack sprayer, go for the electric backpack sprayer!


  • Do battery powered backpacks provide a good spraying pressure?

Yes, the pressure can reach up to 60 PSI in some products.

  • Are batteries included?

Yes, different products come with different batteries.

  •  Are the batteries rechargeable?

Yes, they can be recharged easily using a charger.

  • Is the charger included with the sprayer?

Yes, the products come packed with a charger.

  • Do I need to pump?

No, electric backpack sprayers are battery operated.

  • Are the backpack straps adjustable?

Yes, they can be adjusted as per your requirement.

  •  Can I buy additional batteries?

Yes, additional batteries can be bought easily from different outlets to ensure a lasting performance. 

  •  How can I increase the product life?

Clean the hose assembly from time to time and make sure you remove the battery after you’re done spraying. It will ensure quality performance over a long time.

7 Best Electric Backpack Sprayer
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