10 Best Fertilizer Spreaders – Buying Guide

You are here because you’re probably looking to buy a fertilizer spreader. For any professional gardener, this is a must-have tool, so congrats on making this great step. 

A fertilizer spreader, or what others may call a lawn spreader, was the missing puzzle to giving your garden that complete, refreshing, green look. 

You see, fertilizing bare-handedly is tedious and doesn’t always yield good results. Granular substances are dropped unevenly, and this may cause patches or burn some parts of your lawn.  But with the help of this piece of equipment, the fertilizer is distributed uniformly and consistently. The result is thick, flourishing grass and a vibrantly green garden.

I’ll be frank with you though, not every fertilizer spreader out there will get the job done. Some are counterfeit and will only end up disappointing you. That is where this article comes into play. And since they come in a cornucopia of varieties, we have reviewed not 2, not 3, but the 10 Best Fertilizer Spreaders. 

Having included handheld, push-along and tow-behind spreaders… oh and a buying guide as well, we believe that by the end of this article, you’ll be good to go.

So, let’s get going.

Our top 4 picks

 Best overall  – Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader. 


This push-along spreader has high pneumatic wheels that are not shaken even by the harshest terrains. It also boasts of an 80-lb hopper.

 Best budget  – Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard DLX Broadcast Spreader.


A good choice if your budget is restrained. It has a lot to offer. 

 Best Tow-Behind  – Brinly BS36BH Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader.


A 175-lb hopper capacity! Fertilize a whole acre without a refill!

 Best Hand-Held  – Solo 421 Portable Chest-Mount Spreader.


A handheld spreader with a cross chest strap and holds 20lb of material!

Best Fertilizer Spreaders Review

Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader


Having a large garden and are wondering how to cut it? Well, here’s your best friend. Vast terrains call for huge, sturdy tools, and that is an accurate description of the Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader. This substantial lawn spreader is not shaken even by the largest of gardens, thanks to its massive hopper capacity. It can hold 80 pounds of lawn product, which is good enough to cover half an acre without a single refill. 

Most importantly, this Lesco broadcast spreader is accurate and even in its work. It’s designed for fertilizer, grass seeds, rock salt, and any granular garden product. To minimize wastage, it features a manual side deflector that ensures the substance is thrown in one direction. 

Those homeowners with uneven terrains are also covered. Why is it called a high-wheel spreader? Of course it’s because of the high pneumatic tires. They keep it stable and enable it to smoothly glide over rough surfaces. These tires don’t have rust-rims and can also move over stones. 

Yet another feature to benefit from is the adjustable handle. Depending on your height, you can set this at the most comfortable position and keep hand and back-aches at bay. 

User critic

Most reviewers give this product a 5-star rating on the grounds that it cuts fertilizing time significantly. It’s well built and anything metal is rust-proof. Although some see it as an overkill, they are happy that they are not going to buy another fertilizer spreader any time soon. 


  • Ideal for professional landscaping
  • High hopper capacity
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Oversized pneumatic tires for stability and easy motioning
  • Metal parts are rust-proof


  • It’s an overkill for small gardens
  • Poor assembly instructions
  • No warranty

Final verdict

From the large hopper to the sturdy steel frame it’s mounted on, this fertilizer spreader is ideal for professional gardeners. High pneumatic wheels and the absolutely impressive performance qualify it as one of the best commercial fertilizer spreaders. 

Brinly BS36BH Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader


Tow-behind spreaders are best known for their massive hoppers and capability to cover vast terrains. If you’re looking for a fertilizer spreader to treat your 5-acre garden, the Brinly BS36BH might be destined for you. 

The first and probably most important feature is the mammoth 175-lb hopper. It doesn’t only save your time and energy, but also fuel since you don’t need to drive back to the store for refills. 

This tow-behind spreader has a solid, sturdy build that makes it fit for professional landscapers. Its stiff steel cart makes it stand the test of time and also firmly supports the 175-pound load. High-quality pneumatic tires guarantee that you will work with ease even on the roughest terrains. 

To cut down on wastage, this commercial fertilizer spreader features patented autoflow. This feature immediately stops the spreading once you halt the tractor, eliminating waste and preventing burns as well. Also featured is directional control which ensures even distribution of the fertilizer.  

For different spread patterns and speeds, the spread width can be adjusted up to 12 feet.  An easy-to-reach locking dial enables you to adjust this seamlessly. 

Equipped with a universal hitch, it can be pulled by any garden tractor. This tow-behind spreader weighs at only 47 lbs and its gears are fully enclosed in a gearbox. It also comes with a hopper cover to shield the chemicals from dust and moisture.

User critic

What most reviewers seem to applaud are the sturdy build and large hopper capacity. Though assembly takes an hour, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Users say that this product works excellently but they wish it had a wider wheelbase.


  • Solid build
  • Large hopper capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a universal hitch
  • Even coverage
  • Features patented autoflow.  


  • It doesn’t handle hills and uneven grounds so well due to a small wheelbase.

Final verdict

This solid tow-behind spreader will well suit those with large properties to cover. It is strongly built and will last for years. We recommend it as one of the best commercial fertilizer spreaders.

Solo 421 Portable Chest-Mount Spreader


When it comes to flower beds and small lawns, manual spreaders like the Solo 421 portable spreader are the best option. 

This fertilizer and seed spreader is all handy and easy to use. Though hand-powered, it has a large plastic reservoir that holds a massive 20 lbs of material. There is a screw cap at the top that shields you from chemicals and dust when in use, and also prevents spillage of the materials.

Now that 20 pounds may get fatiguing, it features a comfortable cross-chest strap that distributes this weight to the entire body. Your hands are, therefore, left free for easy fingertip controls. 

You are supposed to turn a crank to spread the materials. The shut-off system is accurately calibrated to ensure that a single turn of the crank releases a precise amount of fertilizer. This ensures even distribution. Combined with the featured 3 directional controls: right, center and left, you achieve results accurate like no other. 

The gears are fully enclosed in a gearbox to prevent clogging and to make the unit suitable for use in all types of weather. They are fully lubricated, so turning the handle is an easy like pie process. 

As for durability, the body is built of steel and polyurethane. You can rest assured that the device will last for years!

User critic

The great build, even spreading and lightweight are among the things that users applaud. They refer to it as ‘amazing’ and recommend it to anybody. 


  • Portable
  • Offers an even coverage
  • Lightweight
  • It’s durable
  • Supports many types of granulated substances


  • Bulky when full 
  • No warranty
  • Not good for the left-handed

Final verdict

This manual spreader is recommended for those with small gardens. It’s handy for quick jobs and saves you from the hassle of pushing a bulky tool just to cover a small backyard. It’s affordable as well.

Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard DLX Broadcast Spreader


We are all looking for products that will not leave our pockets dry. Unfortunately, most cheap products don’t perform, let alone last. Nevertheless, the Scotts Turf Builder is priced favorably, yet it delivers a solid performance and is durable as well. 

I have to say that the massively-sized hopper is far much fair for the price. On just a single fill, it allows you to cover a good 15,000 square feet, saving a lot of time and energy. 

And since fertilizer is not all your garden asks for, this lawn spreader is compatible with many other granular substances. From grass seeds to ice melt, to salt; any grainy lawn product you can think of. Even better as wastage of the product is very minimal. This is because the Scotts seed spreader also features EdgeGuard technology. When activated, it blocks the right side of the spreader and prevents the granules from dropping on non-targeted areas.  

This push-along spreader is also accurate and precise. There is a control panel that allows you to set the rate at which you want your product spread. And to save on your time, the settings are pre-calibrated. 

You will be impressed by this Scotts seed spreader if you resent the sometimes annoying assembly process. It comes fully assembled and all set for work. 

User critic  

This product has over 6500 reviews on Amazon, and is rated at 4.5-star. Users were impressed by the lightweight and how easy it is to push. However, others complained that the hollow wheels are just not effective. They get overwhelmed on rough terrains and even scalp the ground. 


  • A large hopper capacity
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Pre-calibrated settings
  • Light and easy to push
  • Minimal wastage


  • Inefficient wheels
  • Poor build and design
  • The controls don’t work perfectly

Final verdict

Of course you don’t expect a word-class performance from a budget tool, but despite the drawbacks, the Scotts Turf Builder gets the job done. The big hopper means that you complete your tasks faster and with less effort. Moreover, it comes at a pocket-friendly price. 

Titan 50 Lb. Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader


Any gardener out there will tell you just how fatiguing it is to work with a rigid-handled fertilizer or seed spreader. It makes your hands and back ache even before you are halfway into the task. To counter this, the Titan 50 lb fertilizer broadcast spreader’s handle has varying heights. 

With a 50-pound hopper capacity, this fertilizer spreader will never go wrong with medium-sized yards. It allows you to cover the area with zero refills and since its spread mouth is accurately calibrated, your materials will be dispersed consistently and evenly. Whether it is fertilizer, seed or ice melt you are spreading, this piece of equipment will come through. 

The solid, sturdy build makes this seed spreader suitable for professional landscapers. It’s mainly built of steel, and has a stiff, durable axle. The gears are locked in a gearbox to shield them from debris and clogging. 

To support the heavy steel cart and the 50 lb load, it has 2, 13-inch pneumatic tires. They make it easy for the gardener to push and guarantee swift movement even on bumpy and stony landscapes.

User critic 

Judging from the reviews by many users, the strong point of this product is accurate and even coverage. Users were also impressed by the stiffness and its ability to motion through uneven grounds, even with a full hopper. The only complaint was on the assembly instructions, which users agreed were incoherent. 


  • Solid sturdy build
  • 50-lb hopper that has a cover
  • Handle has varied heights
  • Spreads material evenly
  • Wide pneumatic tires


  • Assembly instructions are hard to follow

Final verdict

Whether you are a regular homeowner or a professional gardener, this fertilizer spreader will serve you just right. However, if you are a complete novice in assembly, it is recommended that you look for assembly instructional videos on YouTube. That said, don’t be afraid to invest your money on this excellent seed broadcaster. 

Earthway 2150 Commercial Walk-behind Garden Spreader


Even patterns matter a big deal when it comes to spreading granular substances. They ensure that plants grow uniformly, and none are burnt by the fertilizer. The Earthway 2150 Commercial Spreader features an ‘EV-N-SPRED’ 3-hole drop shut off system that ensures uniform spreading of whatever it is in the hopper. It also has a 50-lb hopper which well suits regular homeowners and professional landscapers as well. 

Depending on the targeted area and how fast you want the job completed, you can adjust the dispersion rate. The adjusting shaft is attached to the gearbox to allow you to seamlessly vary the flow as you push the spreader. 

One thing that will impress you is how tireless and comfortable this seed spreader is. It features a handle with a T-design and variable heights to cater for anybody; short or tall.

To carry the 50-lb load without any struggle, the frame is built of sturdy steel, which is made stiffer by a black-powder coat finish. The wide pneumatic tires keep the spreader stable and it feels so smooth and easy to push. You simply can’t ask for anything better. 

User critic

Users of this broadcast spreader are mostly impressed by the solid build and high levels of accuracy. Most of the reviews are positive, but users wish it has an edge guard. 


  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Spreads materials very evenly
  • Has a solid build
  • Handle has varied heights
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens


  • No warranty
  • The frame sometimes hits the tires

Final verdict

If you are looking for a fertilizer spreader for your backyard or for a medium-sized sports pitch, this one will have you covered. With its capability to spread fertilizer pretty evenly, your yard will grow without patches or some parts denser than others. 

Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader


This is a lite version of the Scotts Turf Builder Deluxe and is designed for compact, light-weight users. That doesn’t mean it’s inefficient though. Its hopper can hold material enough to cover a 5000 square feet property. That means zero refills and less effort on your end for small-sized gardens. 

One thing that Scotts seed spreaders boast of is accuracy and precision, and the Scotts turf builder EdgeGuard mini isn’t an exception. It features a control panel that makes sure that the lawn product is evenly spread. To cut down on wastage, there is an EdgeGuard on the right side which ensures that the granules only land on lawn areas. 

This Scotts spreader has a sleek wheel base that makes it easy to maneuver around trees, driveways and sidewalks. It comes fully assembled and pre-calibrated, so you can head straight to work without wasting any time.  

User critic

Homeowners with small gardens to maintain found this broadcast spreader effective and adequate. Most of the complaints seemed to be on the building quality, which most users referred to as fragile and non-durable. Yes it has a slim wheelbase and is light-weight but, on the downside, it easily topples.


  • Light-weight and compact
  • Comes fully assembled
  • EdgeGuard technology minimizes wastage
  • Affordable


  • A fragile build
  • Prone to tipping

Final verdict

There is no point in getting an oversized spreader if your garden is small after all. Instead, go for a fitting seed broadcaster, such as the Scotts turf builder EdgeGuard mini, which is equally effective. It has a few cons but will cost you less money and storage space as well.

Scotts Wizz Hand-Held spreader


Probably the most exciting thing about this hand-held spreader is that it’s battery-powered. What’s required of you is only to carry it around and push a button. 

That’s as long as the plastic reservoir is full. And on just a single fill, it can cover up to 2500 square feet, which is really impressive for a hand-held spreader. On top of that, it has a 5-foot spread width, with which tasks are accomplished much faster. 

This spreader also benefits from EdgeGuard technology, just like many Scotts products. It is accurate and even in its work and is compatible with most garden products. The 23 featured settings allow you to get different results. 

Weighing at only 2.1 pounds, it makes work easier and hassle-free. 

User critic

It’s rated by more than 3000 users and marked as Amazon’s choice as well. Users consider it as one of the best hand-held spreaders and praise its simple design and handiness. According to them, all the features worked perfectly, and it stood the test of time. Users recommend it to any gardener. 


  • Battery-powered (Batteries included)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A widespread range
  • Even coverage
  • Benefits from edge-guard technology


Batteries could have been rechargeable

Final verdict

This spreader is a good choice if you resent the bulkiness of push-along spreaders. With such a lightweight model, you will fertilize your lawn in little time and with little effort.

Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader


Another hand-held spreader worth your while is the Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader. Despite its compact size, it can cover 1500 square feet on a single fill. This makes it perfect for homeowners with small gardens. 

For maximum comfort, this handheld spreader has adjustable arm support. Turning the crank is easy and smooth. The spreader is accurate and even, and is compatible with all lawn chemicals.

The high-quality material it’s built of increases durability and makes it fit for use all-year round. It comes fully assembled and all ready for work. 

User Critic

Among the things that users applaud are the lightweight and the easy to turn handle. With the adjustable arm support, users can work for hours without fatigue. However, the left-handed complain that they have been left out. 


  • Arm support makes it comfortable
  • Covers 1500 square fit
  • The handle is easy to turn
  • It’s light
  • Handy and ready for use


  • Weird for left-handed people

Final Verdict

Scotts’ products never grind to a halt. This hand-powered spreader comes at a very affordable price and gets the job done. It’s a good choice for you if your lawn is small-sized. 

Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader


This is yet another tow-behind spreader meant for those with substantial lands. Its hopper is a bit smaller than the Brinly BS36BH’s, but as it can hold 130 lbs, you won’t stress out refilling every now and then.  

One unique feature it possesses is the on and off switch that extends all the way to the tractor seat. With its help, you can perform all the operations without even stretching your hand. The spread width can be adjusted up to 12 inches depending on the set standards. 

This lawn spreader has a solid build and is suitable for professional and commercial usage. Through its 13-inch pneumatic tires, it glides smoothly on rough and hilly landscapes. The wheelbase is wide, therefore, the machine moves stably without any chances of toppling. For added durability, the gears are fully enclosed in a gearbox. 

Yet something else to impress you is the fact that all the parts, including the hopper, are built of rust-proof materials. You also get a hopper cover from Agri-Fab that protects your fertilizer and also keeps it from spilling. A universal hitch lets you connect this commercial fertilizer spreader to any type of pulling tractor. 

User Critic

I came across different reviews, but most of the users are impressed; first by the smooth movement even with a full hopper, second by the accurate coverage. The dominant complaint is on the nerve-wracking assembly. Users are disappointed by the troublesome instructions that they say are hard to follow. 


  • Large hopper capacity
  • A handy on/off switch
  • Wide wheelbase and strong tires
  • Adjustable spread width
  • Sturdy enough for professional landscapers


  • Assembly is hectic and time consuming
  • A high price tag

Final Verdict

The Agri-Fab 45-0463 is a good fit for heavy-duty users. Its large hopper and solid build mean that you get to tackle your gardening tasks much faster and with ease.

Why Get A Fertilizer Spreader?

There is a lot to benefit from a fertilizer spreader. If you have been fertilizing your garden bare-handedly, you should upgrade to a fertilizer spreader due to the following reasons. 

Accurate and even coverage. Fertilizer spreaders apply the material uniformly across the entire lawn. This prevents burns and gives the area a consistent appealing look. All you have to do is calibrate accurately and push the spreader at a constant speed. Some spreaders are pre-calibrated and make things easier.

Less effort. With a fertilizer spreader, you use very little of your energy. Just fill the hopper and push it along the terrain. The gear will do the hard work for you. Better if it’s a tow-behind spreader as what’s required from you is to drive your tractor.  

Save time. A fertilizer spreader lets you tackle tasks much faster. One with a large hopper helps you cover a big area within a very short time. This is because you don’t need to refill.

Types Of Lawn Spreaders 

Fertilizer spreaders fall under 3 categories: Push-along, tow-behind and hand-held. 

Push-along spreaders- As the name suggests, the operator is required to push it across the terrain.  They are best suited for medium-sized terrains as the hopper size is also medium. Most of them are stable and easy to push, and allow adjustment of the spread width. 

Tow-behind spreaders- They are pulled by riding mowers, ATVS, UTVs or tractors. They are known for their massive hopper capacities and are suitable for commercial purposes. One good thing about them is that the only manual process is filling the hopper. 

Hand-held spreaders- These are relatively small spreaders designed for small lawns and flowerbeds. They are either hand or battery-powered. For the hand-powered, you are supposed to turn a handle to begin spreading the materials. They are cheap and handy for quick tasks. 

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Fertilizer Spreader

Lawn size

This will determine whether you will buy a push-along, tow-behind or hand-held spreader. A push-along spreader is best suited for medium-sized yards while tow-behind is best for lands with large acreages. For flower beds and really small lawns, a handheld spreader is the best choice. The following rough data will help you pick the right one.

TypeLawn Size
Push-along1 acre
Tow-behind1+ acres
Hand-held5000 Square feet

Hopper capacity

A big capacity is more efficient as minimum top-ups are required. Again this depends on whether the spreader is push-along, tow-behind or handheld. Depending on the size of your garden, choose an ample hopper capacity. 


Some spreaders distribute the materials more evenly than others. Even patterns are vital as they make the grass grow uniformly, making sure that no parts are denser than others. They also prevent burns. 

Pneumatic tires and wheel base

They support the load and make the whole unit stable. A spreader with high pneumatic tires will move easily over uneven and hilly terrains. A wide wheelbase increases the stability and lowers the chances of tipping. 


Always look for a spreader that weighs little as it’s more balanced and will not get you tired. 


When you buy a fertilizer spreader, you don’t want to go back to the market any time soon, looking for another one. A unit with a stiff steel frame and enclosed gears always lasts long.  

Adjustable spread width

It helps you achieve different spread patterns. For push-along spreaders, check whether there is a pedal to help you adjust while pushing. 

Hand-held spreaders

Some features to consider include a cross-chest strap and adjustable arm support. They increase comfortability and reduce fatigue. Also, depending on your preferences, you can choose either hand or battery-powered.  


What does a fertilizer spreader do?

A fertilizer spreader is a wheelbarrow-like piece of equipment that is either pulled, pushed or held by hand. Precisely, its work is to distribute fertilizer, rock salt or ice melt  on a lawn or garden. It does this evenly and accurately, with minimum effort from the operator. 

Do I need a fertilizer spreader?

If you have a lawn, backyard or garden, then you definitely need one. Fertilizing using your hand isn’t recommended as it may lead to patches and a uniformly grown lawn. A fertilizer spreader will make the work easier and give you quality results. 

How fast does a fertilizer spreader work?

A fertilizer spreader generally helps you to tackle tasks much faster. How quickly you finish the job depends on the hopper size and the set spread width. A large hopper is efficient as it requires little to no refills. A large spread width covers a large area fast. 

Which is better: push along or tow-behind?

It all depends on the size of your yard. Push along are okay for medium-sized yards, while tow-behind will easily cover very large yards. The latter require less effort as they are attached to a pulling tractor. You can go for a tow-behind spreader if you don’t like the hassle of pushing. 

Are fertilizer spreaders durable?

Not all of them. Always buy from a credible manufacturer. Factors that enhance durability include a sturdy steel cart, enclosed gears and a rust-proof hopper.

10 Best Fertilizer Spreaders - Buying Guide
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10 Best Fertilizer Spreaders - Buying Guide
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