7 Best Gas Pole Saws: Get One and Gain A Clean Trimming!

Trimming an old tree and keeping its shape looking good seems to be a risky and uphill work that may need much time and effort, that’s why sometimes you procrastinate doing it. 

With the gas pole saw, you don’t need to delay this task for the sake of your health or time.

The gas pole saw is the best out of three types in the market due to its strong performance and amazing features, that’s why we decided to work on this helpful review.

After reviewing a good number of products, we come down in favor of 7 best gas poles saws that are worth your labor and hard-earned money. Choose the suitable gas poles saw for you and get the hoped result in record time. 

 Best Overall BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw

  • 10″ Bar & Chain
  • 3/8″ Pitch
  • Idle Speed 2,700 – 3,400 RPM
  • Clutch Engagement Speed 4,500 RPM

 Best Long Reach Chainsaw  – MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

  •  Reach up to 15 feet
  • Quick to assemble and remove
  • Air filter
  • 10 inches cutting bar
  • Anti-vibration

 Best value for the money  – TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chain

  • Excellent value for money
  • Log cutting ability
  • Effortless carrying
  • Self-lubricating

The Best Gas Pole Saws Reviews: Just Make Up Your Mind!

1.  BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw – Best Overall


Blue Max saw 53542 is a high performing pole saw with efficiency and versatility. It has an automatic and safe holding system that makes the cutting secure and easy. 

This product includes an anti-vibration system that gives the operator great comfort with small energy.

This gas pole saw has a fuel primer that reduces air from the carburetor to make the starting easy. Moreover, it includes a “Gas Welding Accessory” that makes the cutting process clean and easy. 

In a nutshell, this Blue Max Gasoline is carefully balanced for more effective operation. 

User Critic

Users have one common problem with Blue Max saw 53542. They pretend that the device is heavy, so if you find this an issue, you may look for lightweight gas pole saws. 


  • This gas pole saw has an automatic brake
  • this gas pole saw reduces fatigue 
  • it reduces air from carburetor 


  • It is a little bit heavier 
  • Its weight is 21.9 pounds


This versatile machine is the perfect investment for your various needs, and it saves you money. Don’t ask if it is worth your money; it is worth every penny.

2.  MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw


The famous manufacturer MAXTRA, offers us a great gas pole saw, which is MAXTRA 42.7CC 2-Stroke 1.5HP 1100W.

The main feature of this powerful gas pole saw is the potential to reach high branches. The pole can be adjusted from 8.2 to 11.4 feet; with the user’s height into account, it could reach up to 15 FT, which allows you to work with your feet on the ground without a ladder.

42.7CC EPA certificate engine guarantees that this machine is nature-friendly and does not harm the body.

Another unique feature that we dig in MAXTRA 42.7CC is the air filter that protects the chain from various problems and ensures the engine’s durability.

The easy adjustment of chain tensioning is an important feature that provides enough support to work efficiently. Moreover, this easy adjust chain tensioning allows you to change the chain faster. 

Many users claim that there is a common issue among the chainsaws, which is the vibration, but MAXTRA 42.7CC comes with an anti-vibration system that allows you to cut comfortably.

The price to quality ratio is fantastic. This machine is an excellent investment for your needs.

User Critic

Judging from MAXTRA 42.7CC reviews, users have two major problems. First, the poor and limited manual that focuses more on how to use the machine instead of how to assemble it.

Second, the plastic chain cover disturbs many users who don’t know how to correctly use the machine.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Ensure durability and protection of the engine with air filter
  • Anti-vibration system


  • There is a lack of information in the instruction manual, so you may need to call the manufacturer’s helpline.
  • Plastic chain cover 

The Verdict

MAXTRA 42.7CC has a very good fuel tank capacity, great power, good reach, and a brilliant price to quality ratio.

3. TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chain


Cleaning up your trees and hedges that are hard to reach is an easy task for TrimmerPlus PS720.

TrimmerPlus comes with a 7-foot pole and saw, and can reach up to 12 feet (depending on the user’s height).

Lightweight is another surprising feature of this gas pole saw. It weighs only 3.4 pounds, which will help you to carry your machine wherever you go.

Cutting logs properly is not a job that could be done by any gas pole saw. But this saw is so powerful that it can efficiently cut logs that are 16 inches in the diameter.

Does TrimmerPlus PS720 run without a motor? Yes, it does not contain a motor, but you have to attach it to a gas pole saw. The saw is very compatible with many brand saws like Remington, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman. Regarding the price, this gas pole saw has excellent value for money. 

User Critic

The attachment feature could be considered a downside. But if you think firmly, it’s a decent pole saw as it will provide versatile qualities when attaching it to a trimmer, then you can use this negative point to your interest.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Low level of noise
  • Automated maintenance 
  • Extra body attachment
  • Easy control
  • Great design


  • Not capable of running without a trimmer
  • Oil leaks from the pole saw

The Verdict

TrimmerPlus PS720 pole saw reviews have declared that TrimmerPlus PS720 is a friendly budget and an excellent example for a value-added product, and we agree with this statement. 

 4. Echo PPF-225 Gas Powered Pole Saw, 21.2CC, 10 in. L


The Echo PPF-225 gas-powered pole saw comes with a 21.2 cc professional-grade 2-stroke gas engine. This gas-powered pole saw is equipped by a 7.8 ft fixed-shaft, which provides an outstanding reach to prune hard-to-get-at limbs.

Another feature to add in the box of this amazing gas pole saw is the Front and rear handle rubber grips for operator comfort and vibration reduction.

Moreover, The digital ignition system and reduced-effort starter coupled with a purge bulb make the starting easy while using this extendable chainsaw.

User Critic

Some people claim that the device is a little bit pricey but worth every penny for its great job.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Great Engine
  • Lightweight 
  • easy to use


  •  expansive 

The Verdict

Despite customer critics, this gas-powered pole saw worth your money, and many customers highly recommend it. 

5. Wild Badger Power WBMT26P Trimmer with Pole Saw Attachment


The Wild badger WBMT26P  is a big gift for versatility lovers. This landscaping multi-tool is a string trimmer, a brush cutter, an articulating-head hedge trimmer, and an articulating-head 10 in.

The power of the WBMT26P comes from the 26cc 2-cycle, full-crank engine. It starts easily and runs smooth, reduces emissions, increases fuel efficiency, and delivers a longer life.

The vented aluminum supports the transmission, which can greatly reduce vibration and permits you to work comfortably.

The pole saw attachment articulates 90 degrees allowing you to make multiple cuts from different angles.

User Critic

Many customers judge that the WBMT26P is pricey compared to its competitors on the market. 


  • Reliable 
  • Sturdy
  • Articulating pole saw attachment


  • It can be a little bit pricey

The Verdict

This great tool can add enormous value to your tool arsenal and reduce the time of your task with minimum effort.



HUSQVARNA offers us another amazing machine, which is HUSQVARNA PA1100 Pole saw attachment, powerful and easy to use.

The heavy-duty pole saw permits you to reach even dense trees and bushes without a ladder. 

The marvelous HUSQVARNA brand loves nature; for this reason, this model is eco-friendly with low emissions.

User Critic

Some customers claim that the device has poor compatibility with other line trimmers, which makes it inconvenient for many.   


  • Long yet lightweight and comfortable to carry the pole
  • Interchangeable with more than 15 gas poles saw models
  • Reduced stress on arms and back while operating due to a flexible suspension
  • Nature friendly


  • Does not include an extension bar
  • Not compatible with other line trimmers
  • Not suitable for customers who are budget pole saw seekers

The Verdict

HUSQVARNA PA 1100 is an awesome pick for customers who respect nature; it allows them to trim lots of trees with one tool. The excellent price to quality ratio makes this machine best pick for many.

7. ECHO 12 in. 25.4 cc Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Telescoping Pole Saw 


If you’re looking for something easy to master and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, then this machine is designed to satisfy your needs.

ECHO Gas Powered Pole Saw is perfect for trimming your trees and shrubs on your property.

The automatic oiling system ensures that the blade is always sufficiently lubricated so that you don’t have to worry about damaging the machine.

User Critic

Some people don’t like the fact that this machine is heavy and not designed for thicker branches. That’s why they may be discouraged from buying it.


  • Super easy to use.
  • Quick-start motor.
  • Automatic saw lubrication.
  • Trigger handle for extra safety.
  • Reach over 12 feet.


  • Heavier than other saws.
  • Not designed for thicker branches.

The Verdict

Overall, this gas pole saw is dedicated to simplicity lovers, and if you’re not planning to cut massive branches, you won’t find any trouble with it.

Why Do We Need A Gas Pole Saw?

When twigs and branches spoil your yard, you may call up a professional, but his service will cost too much money. In this case, better roll up your sleeves and bring a ladder and necessary tools to start the hard work. The gas pole saw will spare you the hurdle by minimizing the tools you need, the effort, and the time you spend trimming.

The gas pole saw is the best type on the market, it’s pretty handy and provides the user enough power to get the fine result.

You don’t have to risk your life anymore; the gas pole saw provides you with different brands and models with a wide range to pick the perfect one for you.

The latest models of gas pole saws come with high technologies, and efficiency to help you get a clean trimming of your trees.

Let’s take a look at how to use a pas pole saw.

How To Use A Gas Pole Saw?

It’s extremely important to know how to use a gas pole saw to prevent tool damage or bodily injuries.

The Machine’s Working Condition and Work Area

Before starting the work, you need to check the safety of your gas pole saw. Ensure that you’re holding the machine in the right position, and don’t forget to clean the area where you stand.

Wear Protective Gear

Some personal protective equipment is required in this situation, such as a hard hat, ears protection, and face protection. It will protect your head, ears, and face against harmful consequences and risks.

Basics of Trimming and Pruning

Knowing the basics of trimming and pruning will help you to use the gas pole saw better. The positioning is also essential for you to control the equipment while it is in action. Additionally, visibility is a key element, so make sure to operate your machine in daylight. 

Features to Look for When Choosing a Gas Pole Saw

Features depend on customer preferences. But in general, consider the following features when choosing a gas pole saw.

Chainsaw Power

If you are a homeowner, the 25cc engine is the best for you, it can give you the hoped clean yard. 

If you are a professional landscaper you need a higher rating engine (more than 25 cc engine) to have a great result.

Pole Length

To know the length of pole that you need, look at the average height of the trees in your garden and your ability to operate the pole saw. Generally, gas pole saws lengths are from 8 to 12 feet long.

Bar Length

Longer bar length signifies that you can cut through thick tree branches quickly and easily.

Gas Pole Saw Weight

The overall weight of a gas pole saw will determine how long you can hold the pole saw while operating and get a safe job.

Most gas pole saws are lightweight, but if you plan to hold it above 10 feet of your head and for an extended period, it gets tiring.


As we all know, gas-powered pole saws generate noise more than other types.

Unnecessary noise can also increase fatigue. For this reason, check out the noise reduction features available in the gas pole saw to avoid this issue.

5 Best Gas Pole Saws: Get One And Gain A Clean Trimming!
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5 Best Gas Pole Saws: Get One And Gain A Clean Trimming!
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