5 Best Greenhouse Misting Systems

Growing plants is not only an activity that provides produce for you to enjoy. It’s a discipline that can teach you personal values in addition to gardening skills. Dedicating your time and energy to grow numerous plants and see your progress is a rewarding feeling that pushes you to look for other tools that will give you better results.  To keep your plants well hydrated and healthy, you should always make sure to keep their essential needs in check—soil, water, temperature, etc. There are numerous tools to make that job easier for you. One of the most important ones is the greenhouse misting systems. 

Greenhouse misting systems are perfect to regulate the temperature of the greenhouse and to keep the humidity well balanced for the plants’ needs. Looking for good misting systems can be a daunting task. This is why we gathered 5 of the best misting systems in this article for you to set in your greenhouse, and see how much it will change your life! 

Before jumping into the details,  here are our top 3 picks of the list:

 BEST OVERALL  – Hiraliy Misting Cooling System 8x5MM 32.8FT (10M) for its high-quality performance and easy installation.


 BEST LENGTH Elover Misting Cooling System 49.21FT (15M) with impressive length.


 BEST RATING Innoo Tech Misting Cooling System 32.8FT(10M) with the most positive customer reviews. 


Best greenhouse misting systems

Hiraliy Misting Cooling System 8x5MM 32.8FT (10M) – BEST OVERALL


The Hiraliy misting cooling system is a 10m misting system that uses tap water to operate. It sprays water and cools down high temperatures ( up to 20°C ) in the area of your choice. It has a 32.8 ft hose, which is UV resistant as it is designed for outdoors exposed to the sun, and is made of durable and recyclable material. 

To prevent leakage, the package comes with a ¾ inch connector that is metal threaded for great sealing. You won’t need any tool other than what you have in the package to install your misting system for your garden or your greenhouse in a short amount of time. 

Before cutting the tube, test the water by running through the tubing. After that, take the hose and put it into hot water for a few seconds before starting to assemble it. Continue as stated in the instructions, and enjoy your new HIRALIY misting system for your greenhouse!

User Critic

Great product with great user reviews, users only commented about the length of the system, as they wished it was longer. Other than that, it’s their go-to for summer and greenhouses. 


  • Easy to install
  • Great for outdoors and greenhouse
  • High-quality tube cutting machine


  • Short length

The Verdict

The Hilariy misting cooling system is the best in our list, as it has one of the greatest user reviews, and operates really well outdoors. If you’re searching for a misting system that combines quality material and efficient greenhouse cooling, this one is for you. 

Elover Misting Cooling System 49.21FT (15M) – BEST LENGTH


Elover Misting Cooling is a UV and chemical resistant misting system. It has a filter mesh for purifying the water and a tight connector to the tap water to prevent leakage. It comes with a tube cutting machine. This way, you can customize the length of your tube with no problem. The installation takes up to 10 minutes, and needs no prior professional knowledge. 

Elover systems use tap water to conserve energy, and save water too. It doesn’t use any electricity or any energy. 

This is a great system for your greenhouse. You will have sterilized clean air in the greenhouse, and you will keep it at cool temperature as needed. 

User Critic

Some users complain about the emitters. A few would give mist, and others would just continuously spray water. This may be because of installation. Make sure everything is in place, and follow the instructions closely. 


  • Easy installation
  • Large refreshing mist


  • Can drip instead of provide mist

The Verdict

The Elover Misting cooling system is the longest in our list, as it has up to 15 M length, which is perfect when it comes to big outdoor areas or greenhouses. Its easy installation is a bonus and works efficiently when well attached and properly set up. 

Innoo Tech Misting Cooling System 32.8FT(10M) – BEST RATING


Innoo Tech misting system is a flexible misting system with an elaborate design. It is UV resistant and works with efficient precision to increase misting quality. It uses high-quality material and doesn’t leak with its sealed tube connector. Innoo Tech accessories are of premium design, which is why users love it. 

For installation, this misting system requires no professional knowledge. You use the parts that come with the package, according to your needs. 

The Innoo Tech misting system has a spray system that makes you cool down the area where it is installed. It works by spraying a cool water mist that absorbs the heat surrounding the area. Not only that, but with the high-density water mist provided by the Innoo Tech, the area will be sterilized, and the dust will be removed. 

To save power, Innoo Tech made sure to design a product that uses tap water and water pressure directly. You won’t need any electrical support, and you will save electricity and water, with approximately 70% of saved water compared to traditional misting systems.

User Critic

Some users complained about two mister heads not operating well. Changing them didn’t fix the problem, but with plumbing tape, the mister heads worked just fine, and they continued to use the misting system properly.


  • Great misting system
  • Easy to set up


  • Some mister heads can leak

The Verdict

Though some of the mister heads may leak, checking with the package and adapting the accessories to your garden or greenhouse needs is important. The Innoo Tech has proven to be a high-quality misting system, and if you need an easy to install system that does its job well, this one’s for you.

H&G lifestyles Misters for Patio Misting System 26.2FT (8M)


The H&G lifestyles Misters for Patio misting cooling system comes with tubing that is flexible. It features good tubing quality and it’s UV treated, which means it’s UV resistant and won’t ever be affected by sun exposure even in long periods of time. This misting system is great at resisting microbes. It resists microbial degradation and works on reducing temperature during warmer seasons.

The H&G misting system is an environmentally-friendly product, it works to reduce electricity consumption when regulating temperature. It’s easy to install the system by anyone, and you won’t need any special tools.

User Critic

Users seem to like the H&G misting system, but some don’t like the design of the water hose attachment as the hose should twist entirely to screw it to the water source. 


  • High-quality misting system
  • Easy to control


  • Tricky hose design

The Verdict

This misting system is great for your greenhouse as it works amazingly better than other plastic misting systems. If you want to easily control your system, the H&G misting system is perfecf for giving your greenhouse all the hydration and mist it needs while being environment-friendly.

Deyard Misting Cooling System 32.8FT(10M)


The Deyard misting cooling system is great in gardens, patios, and greenhouses. They are perfect to evenly circulate air and humidity in the greenhouse. 

Deyard uses a UV resistant drip hose that is strongly resistant to chemicals. It has a filter mesh that prevents clogging, a standard threaded joint, and universal joints. This means that it can be adapted to different taps, and it connects with a tight interface that makes water leakage preventable. 

The Deyard system is easily installed. You won’t have to dig anything or need any professional skills. Everything is made for you to easily attach. The package comes with small fittings and drippers, and a tube cutting machine that simplifies the customization of the tube’s length. 

You don’t have to consume any energy, as the spray system connects directly to your tap water. The automatic Deyard irrigation kit is good for your outdoor needs and greenhouse. 

User Critic 

Some users complain about the material of the hose. With constant sun exposure, the material heats up, and gets softer and makes the tight bends collapse. This can be prevented by using protective elbows where tight bends are situated, and protect them from sun exposure.


  • Easy to put together
  • Consistent amount of mist
  • Good quality


  • Hose material can soften with sun exposure
  • No instruction for installation

The Verdict 

If you’re searching for an easy to set up, good quality misting system, the Deyard misting system would be your choice. The hose may soften with the sun exposure, so make sure you protect the material as you’re setting it up, and enjoy your cooling experience for your greenhouse. 

Greenhouse Misting Systems – What are they

To enhance ventilation and shading in your greenhouse, it should be equipped with what we call misting systems. This prevents any overheating disaster in the greenhouse and benefits the plants immensely. Plants need an ideal level of temperature and humidity to thrive, and those are two factors that are important to plant growth. To cool your plants naturally, the water in the greenhouse misting system is pressurized, and, through tiny nozzles, it continuously sprays. This creates a very fine mist, which is called micro-fine mist.

When you decide to buy a misting system, this means that you already have a proper air circulation in your greenhouse. Proper air circulation is established when misting fans are used. Of course, that’s an option to choose when your greenhouse doesn’t have good air movement, and when it is required for plant growth. 

To provide efficient greenhouse cooling, misting systems work on controlling humidity and temperature. They have a pump that forces the water at high pressure through a misting line into small nozzles and spread it along the ceiling or the structure of the greenhouse. That’s what creates the micro-mist evaporating into the air and better humidity levels.

Greenhouse Misting Systems – What to consider

Now that you have more information about what greenhouse misting systems are for, let’s dive into what to consider when you want to buy them.

Just like any other product, the most important thing to look for is quality. There are plenty of misting systems everywhere for you to invest in, but to find what really works well and does its job perfectly, you will have to dig more into the features that meet your specific needs. We made our best misting systems list taking into consideration the following factors.

  • The material of the tubing should be of high quality. This is what shows the effectiveness of the system, the misting quality and the durability of it. This is what you should consider investing in: a UV and rust-resistant material like stainless steel, flexible nylon, or other materials.  
  • One of the best things a product can provide any user is multiple purposes or multiple applications option. Your misting cooling system should not only be used in one place, but it’s better if you can use them in different areas. For example, you can use it in your greenhouse for cooling, but it can also be used in your swimming pool, in patios, in trampolines, etc.
  • Easy installation is inevitable. You wouldn’t want to spend a painful amount of time trying to understand how you should set it all up. All of the misting systems above are easily installed, so they don’t require professional skills. 
  • To avoid having to buy more tools and accessories, you should make sure your unit has all of the necessary accessories. Before buying, check the details of the unit, and see if everything you will need for installation and proper use.
5 Best Greenhouse Misting Systems
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5 Best Greenhouse Misting Systems
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