10 Best Pole Saws According To Your Needs

Let’s face it, finding the right pole saw to your specific needs can turn from a simple task to a long track. But don’t worry amigos! This article was made specifically for people like you, who want to find a suitable pole saw to maintain the marvelous shape of their trees.

Starting with the basics, a pole sow is simply a pole on a saw. This tool is so popular because it can save your time, wallet, and more importantly, prune the extent of your branches accurately.

In this guide, we collected the Best Pole Saws in the market, for you can choose among them the best ones according to your needs. Moreover, we will help you clear the confusion to decide how to pick the right pole saw among the multiple existing pole saw types.

Sun Joe SWJ800E –  Best Overall 


Sun Joe SWJ800E pole saw is the best tool to prune trees. It is a fast pole saw that has a sharp chain, easy to use, and to adjust. Plus, it performs well as a garden saw, and it requires electricity to work.

Greenworks 8.5′ 40V –  Best Cordless Pole Saw 


This tree saw is by far the best cordless pole saw that you could use wherever you want. It has a durable battery that lasts for hours and a good chain length to remove thick branches.

Fiskars Pole saw –  Best Value for the Money 


If you want a pole saw at a reasonable price, this one is for you. It has all the essential features to cut limbs efficiently.

10 Best Pole Saws Review

1. Sun Joe SWJ800E – Best Overall


Pruning trees is one thing, but clicking on a button to reshape them instantly is a different story. Sun Joe understood what you need very early on. They made sure to provide you with a pole saw like Sun Joe SWJ800E to achieve the professional results you are looking for in seconds.

This outstanding pole saw is powered by electricity. It needs only 120 volts to work efficiently, which is available in every house. Moreover, Sun Joe SWJ800E can reach up to 15 ft overhead since the pole extends to 8.7 ft.

Another particular feature about this pole saw is its sharp chain that enables you to prune quickly. To be honest with you, not only does the sharp chain help you prune quickly, but its lightweight, which is around 7 pounds and its 6000 RPM motor speed, makes the process even faster.

User Critic

Despite the amazing specs of Sun Joe SWJ800E pole saw, some were a little bit disappointed. They thought it came with a small oil bottle to fill the oil tank, but when you purchase this model, you will need to get an oil bottle separately.


  • Fast pole saw
  • Has a sharp chain
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to use


  • The oil reservoir leaks sometimes
  • You can’t make it shorter than 8.7 ft.

The Verdict

We are amazed by the delicate features of this product. It is an all in one formula, starting from the top chain to the safety lock. It is a garden saw suitable for people that want to maintain a front or back yard in shape since it works with electricity.

2. Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw – Best Cordless Pole Saw


Here is a brand name that we cannot skip. Greenworks is known since its creation as the leader of battery-powered outdoor power tools; in other words, cordless power tools. No need to go through all the trouble of searching all options, we picked for you the best existing pole saw in their store. 

As its name implies, this model works with a battery, which provides you with the flexibility to move wherever you want. Talking about batteries, this model comes with a 2Ah battery that lasts over 3 years of continuous use. Moreover, the pole length of Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw can reach up to 8 feet.

Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw weighs 9.2 pounds, which can be heavy for some and light for others. But trust me in both cases, it will strengthen your arms muscles; lucky you! In addition, the chain length in this model is around 8 inches, like the previous electric pole saw.

User Critic

Some customers were upset because the pole saw did not come with a battery. That’s why we want to warn you! There are two choices when ordering this model: the first one is without a battery, and the second one is with a battery and a charger. Make sure to select the right option according to your needs.


  •  Lasting battery
  • Easy to assemble
  • No plug needed
  • A perfect chain length


  • The pole length is static
  • The battery is difficult to remove

The Verdict

We like Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw because this model is the best fit for many of us who want to prune a tree that is far from the electrical plugs. This model is by far the best alternative for you if you are unable to use electric pole saws

3. Sun Joe SWJ803E 


This is another model of the Sun Joe brand, the main difference between this one and the previous one is the chain length and the multi-angle chain. Indeed, it comes with a 10 inches chain that will allow you to prune the most stubborn tree limbs.

It is a corded pole saw exactly like the Sun Joe SWJ800E. However, it is a little bit heavier than the previous Sun Joe model. It weighs around 7.8 pounds. The plus 2 inches in this tree saw were specifically included to speed up the process of pruning.

Another unique aspect of Sun Joe SWJ800E is adjusting the multi-angle head to prune your trees from 0° to 30° angles. Besides, it has an 8 amp motor.

User Critic

Some users expected that the chain is detachable from the pole in this model. However, you can’t separate the pole from the chainsaw.


  • Multi-angle head.
  • Prunes well
  •  Works great
  • 10 inches chainsaw


  • A little bit heavy
  • Leaks oil 

The Verdict

Sun Joe SWJ803E is perfect for pruning limbs and thin logs. We like it because it has a multi-angle chain, which makes it easy to control and use.

4. Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner – Best Value for the Money


First of all, Fiskars is a Finnish company that exists since 1649. It is known worldwide for efficient power tools. And this one here is among their successful power tools to prune trees. In fact, this Fiskars pole saw is really sharp and sturdy.

It is a lightweight pole saw, which minimizes fatigue. This model weighs around 5.85 pounds and reaches up to 14 ft, which makes it ideal for cutting high branches. Moreover, the company offers a lifetime warranty.

It has a 15 inches sharp chainsaw. However, it works manually, so you will find it a bit hard to cut higher branches. And its maximum cutting capacity is about 1 to 1/8 inch diameter.

User Critic

Fiskars users would like if the pole saws were powered by electricity to make the cutting process easier.


  • Easy to use.
  • Reasonable cost.
  •  Very safe to use.


  • Manual pole saw
  • It only cuts 1-1/8 “

The Verdict

If you want to prune thin branches, this tool is the best one for you.

5. Remington RM1035P 


Since 1959, Remington’s goal was to offer customers durable power tools to tackle any yard task. That is why we cannot talk about the best pole saws without mentioning Remington RM1035P pole saw. This latter is versatile; you can use it as a branch saw to tackle the distant branches or as a chainsaw to cut limbs on the ground.

Moreover, this model is powered with electricity. It requires 120 volts to prune the limbs and branches efficiently. For the height, it comes in handy because the pole saw can reach 15 ft overhead, and it extends to 10 ft, which is awesome.

In addition, this model weight is around 12.4 pounds. It has a sharp chain that makes it plenty of power to prune 6″ to 7″ branches quickly. 

User Critic

Some users of Remington RM1035P pole saw find its weight to be a bit heavy, especially when it is fully extended.


  • 2 in 1 formula: a pole saw and a chainsaw
  • Sharp Chain
  • Durable
  • The oiler works great


  •  Heavy pole saw
  • The chainsaw doesn’t come with oil

The Verdict

This tree saw grabbed our attention because it is handy. You can use it both as a pole saw and as a chain saw. Therefore, whether you want to prune high or on the ground tree branches, this model is the one.

6. TrimmerPlus PS720 


If you prefer a pole saw that works with gasoline, this is the best one for you. TrimmerPlus PS720 is a gasoline-powered pole saw. Its 8 inches chain prune up to 16 inches diameter, which is a plus point. It offers you a sharp and professional chain to reach the outcome you are looking for efficiently and in a short time.

This tree saw has a 7 feet pole that allows you to reach up to 12 feet if your height is 5 ft. TrimmerPlus PS720 weight is around 3.4 pounds, which makes it easy to maneuver when cutting the trees. You won’t even feel that you are carrying something over your head.

Besides, this pole saw can work with other trimmers like Remington and Craftsman.

User Critic

Though amazed by the sharpness of the saw, customers often complain about the oil that leaks.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Works with other attachment trimmers


  • The oil tank leaks
  • The chain falls off sometimes

The Verdict

We recommend this product if you already have an attachment trimmer, but its chainsaw does not work as wanted. Indeed, this model is easily detachable. We also recommend it if you want a light pole saw to clean your trees effortlessly.



Silky saws are made in Japan, and when we mention Japan, the first thing that comes to our minds is QUALITY. Silky HAYAUCHI is a high-quality pole saw. In fact, it is made with aluminum, which gives it the strength to perform well while being light to be more comfortable when holding the tree saw.

Moreover, you can adjust its height from 8 feet to 21 feet, which is unprecedented. It is so far the longest pole saw. Besides, the chain saw of this model is easily removable.

With this model also you can adjust the pole height through 3 extensions to reach the maximum height. And the other good news is the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty with this Pole Saw.

User Critic

Since it is a manual pole saw, some customers complain it is a time-consuming tool.


  • Long pole saw
  • 3 extensions to adjust the height
  • Very sharp
  • Well built


  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming.

The Verdict

This pole saw works great for palms, evergreens, deciduous, and nut-bearing trees



Since day one, BLACK+DECKER made sure to provide customers power tools to achieve outcomes like professionals. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX is a battery-powered pole saw. You can tackle up to 100 cuts per charge with this 8 inches pole chain saw.

To say nothing of the 8-inch cutting bar that allows you to prune instantly up to 6 inches trees diameter. It requires a maximum battery voltage of 20 volts and a nominal battery voltage of 18 volts. For its motor, it comes with a 325 RPM that it’s considered as a balanced speed.

Moreover, it comes with a small oil bottle that you should pour it in the oil tank before your first use. And the company offers a 2 years warranty to replace or to repair the pole saw.

User Critic

Judging from the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX reviews, customers complained the most about the long charge time. That can take from 2 to 6 hours.


  • Long battery life
  • Has plenty of power to cut 6 inches branches
  • Operates quietly


  • Long charge time
  • Manual oiler

The Verdict

We liked this model because it is durable. The battery has a long life cycle, which makes it eco-friendly.

9. WORX WG309 8 Amp 10″ 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw


Here is another 2 in 1 Pole saw. It can work as a pole saw or as a chainsaw. You can easily detach the chain head to prune branches or limbs on the ground. Alternatively, you can extend the pole to reach the highest branches in your yard.

This model has an 8-amp motor that allows you to experience a clean and fast pruning. The weight of this model is about 10 pounds and can reach up to 10 feet.

Besides the auto-oiler, this branch saw has an auto-tension to make your cutting process easy and effortless.

User Critic

Some users found that 10 pounds are too heavy. It requires some extra shoulders strength to prune the high trees.


  • Easy to use
  • Can work as a chainsaw
  • Sharp chain


  • Heavy
  • The chain oil is not included

The Verdict

This model can be a great alternative to Remington RM1035P.

10. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S


Scotts Company believes that a pole saw is not only about pruning and cutting but also about performance. That is why we picked for you Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S. Through this model, you have the option to choose between five cutting angles, which is unique about this brand.

Scotts PS45010S is equipped with a 10 inches chainsaw, which makes it a fast cutting tool. Besides, its length reaches up to 9.2 ft, making it one of the longest pole saws available today.

Another uncommon feature in this model is the cord retention; it holds the machine cord to prevent tangling and slipping. It is an electric-powered pole saw that requires no gas. It also has an automatic oiler, which makes it work more efficiently.

User Critic

The most common trouble that Scotts’ users complain about is the chainsaw since it comes off sometimes while pruning.


  • Five cutting angles
  • Among the longest pole saws
  • Clean and fast pruning


  • The chainsaw comes off
  • Better if the chainsaw was made with aluminum

The Verdict

We were impressed with this model because it works exactly as advertised. You should have it if you want to cut 9.5-inch branches or less.

Different Types of Pole Saw

  1. Electric

The electric pole saw is commonly used as a garden saw. Pole saw users prefer this type of pole saws mostly when it comes to maintaining and reshaping trees in the house garden. As its name implies, Electric pole saw is powered by electricity. Usually, this pole saw weight is lighter, the lubrication is automatic, and the pole length is around 8 ft.

  1. Cordless

The main advantage of the cordless pole saw is flexibility. You will be able to work with it anywhere. It does not require a source of electricity to use it. It only needs a charged battery to do the required tasks.

The cordless branch saws are relatively heavy compared to the electric one. The battery can last for 6 hours of continuous pruning.

  1. Manual

The manual pole saws as the name implies work manually. They don’t require artificial power sources to do the work. They only require strong muscles. You should consider getting one mainly because they are more durable.

Usually, the manual pole saws are the longest ones; they can reach up to 20ft. They are commonly used to prune thin branches.

  1. Gas

The Gas-powered pole saws are commonly used for hard work. It is popular among professionals because it lasts more than the cordless pole saws. They are used to prune thick branches.

This type of pole saws, on the other hand, makes a lot of noise compared to the previous ones. Besides, it causes a lot of smoke.

Things To Consider When Buying A Pole Saw

  1. Power Source

Not all the pole saws were made for the same uses. That is why they are plenty of pole saws that work with different power sources. To make the long story short: electric corded pole saws are for the house garden, cordless pole saws are for places where electricity is not available, the manual ones are for thin branches, and the gas pole saws are for the heavy-duty.

  1. The Length Of The Pole

The average length of pole saws can vary between 6 feet and 20 feet for long pole saws. Your choice of the pole saw should take into account the height of the branches you want to reach.

  1. The Weight Of The Pole

Not every pole saw users should have strong shoulders to prune their yard trees. Choosing a pole saw also depends on its weight.

  1. The Maximum Cutting Diameter

Well, this criterion depends on the diameter of the trees you want to maintain. Every pole saw chain was made to cut a specific diameter of branches. Usually, pole saw companies explicitly include the maximum cutting diameter that the tool is supposed to cut in the features description. 

10 Best Pole Saws According To Your Needs
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