Best Pruning Saws: Cut Branches with Ease!

We spend tons of money and time renovating and revamping when moving into a new house. So, imagine a beautiful house with a front yard covered with overgrown shrubs and trees. Certainly, no one wants that unkempt look. Then why not consider sparing some of your budget for the suitable pruning saw.

It will save you from paying through the nose for the arborists. And it is also the most convenient and fastest way to trim and cut all sorts of branches and limbs in your garden.

While the chainsaw is prone to accidents and loopers are sometimes not sharp or long enough for the task, pruning saws can save you the hassle. 

Pruning saws come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Portable folding hand saws are best for shaping the bushes or leaves. On the other hand, pole pruning saws come handy for cutting branches from taller trees. Their metal blade with high carbon teeth can cut through any kind of wood. 

If you are still confused over which pruning saw to choose, then continue reading our article. We will help you choose the best tree pruner from our comprehensive review and also guide you to pick the pruner saw that is suitable for you.

Best Pruning Saws-Reviews

1. Samurai Ichiban 13″ Curved Pruning Saw – Best Overall


As the meaning of this product Ichiban is “Number 1”, this curved pruning saw also tops our list. 

The Japanese pruning saw with its 13 inches blade embossed with impulse-hardened teeth is made for every cut. Sporting a unique toothing design enables a precise and aggressive cut. The curved tapered blade resists the binding, making your cutting job fast and smooth.  

Compared to the other traditional saws; this Japanese saw edge lasts longer because of their cutting-edge technology. The chrome plating prevents the blade from pitch and rust and can easily be cleaned.

The ergonomic design of handles gives it a distinct strain-reducing and comfort-enhancing feature. Because of its rubber cushioned handle, you don’t have to worry about pulling your arm muscle every time you cut through the thick limbs and branches.

The lightweight Japanese pruner comes with a hard plastic sheath, allowing convenient and safe portability.

User Critic

Research on user reviews has revealed that this is an all-time favorite for general-purpose pruning for many people.

One of the users emphasized how the sturdy handle and staggered teeth of the blade made a smooth and clean cut through an apple orchard. Another user even compares the cut as if it cuts through the thick branch like butter.

The only complaint that few reviewers found is the thickness of the blade. An arborist claimed that although it is ergonomically excellent, it’s a bit flimsy. This indicates that it might lose its sharpness over time. Though the users still insist that as compared to expensive pruning saws, it is still worth the money.


  • Lightweight 
  • Smoother cuts because of impulse hardened teeth
  • Restrain free due to ergonomic handle design
  • Safe storage and portability
  • Resist binding due to curve blade 
  • Replacements are easily available


  • Flimsy metal

Final verdict

It is safe to say that Ichiban pruning saw quality speaks volume. It is easy to handle and an all-purpose pruner suitable for every gardener. Made from high-grade steel, it ensures a clean cut without any ragged edges and torn barks. 

When used properly, it can result in healthier plant growth from where it is mended. From its blade to handle design and storage, this samurai machine is an all-rounder meant to be part of every gardener’s tools. 

2. Silky Telescopic Pole Saws – Premium Quality


Next in the list is the premium quality Silky pole saw, a personal favorite of professional arborists. Professional landscapers love to have several of these in their gardening tool mainly because it is the longest manual pole pruner that can extend up to 21 feet, allowing it to reach the furthest branches in your landscape. 

The premium quality also comes with premium cost. The telescopic pole possesses Japanese 4-RETSUME (Four Rows of Teeth) technology. The four rows of teeth on the blade are ideal for hardest pruning tasks. The blade can also be adjusted at a lower and upper sickle. Lower sickle gives a clean-cut and prevents damaging the tree, whereas the upper sickle stops the blade from slipping off the limb. 

The oval shape aluminum extension ensures a precise cut and better control over the cutting. It also gives strength to the poles, thus preventing the bend.

Another reason for its popularity among the masses is the practical and unique safety features. This manual pole saw has a dual locking system for structural rigidity and effortless cuts every time.

User Critic

Without question, most reviewers are impressed and satisfied with the premium quality of the Silky pole saw. Users like the pole saw for its utility and durability and that it gives a professional finish without fail. Considering it the last samurai, users doubt there might be a better pole saw. 


  • Can extend up to 21inch
  • Best for every landscaping needs
  • A durable, sharp blade with 4-row teeth for harsh pruning
  • Best safety feature with dual lock system


  • A bit on the high price end

Final Verdict

If you are someone who has an eye for the quality, then the silky pole saw is for you. Though it is on the high price end, it is a popular choice in the market for a reason. With cutting-edge technology, the price is justifiable, and it can become a life long companion in your gardening venture. 

3. Fiskars 14′ Pole Pruning-Saw – Best Features


Our top two picks are known for their versatility and maneuverability, but our next choice has its place and value. Fiskars pole pruner saw is also for trimming the tall branches of trees that are not easily accessible. 

The manual pole saw, and pruner is perfect for hard to reach jobs around the yard. It has two different cutting options, and the longest manual pole saw can reach up to 16 feet. 

What sets the pole saw pruner apart is the chain-drive design that gives it 3x more power. This enables it to handle branches of all shapes and sizes and reduce the time for cutting to half. Its precision-ground steel pruner can cut branches up to 1 ¼ inch thick. The 15inch hook saw is best for removing larger branches. 

The oval-shaped retractable pole pruning saw is made of aluminum fiberglass that gives a sturdy hold and lets you control the direction of the cut. The light and durable fiberglass pole result in less stress and strain on your shoulders. 

The durable steel pruner boasts a low-friction coating, ensuring smooth cut and enhancing rust resistance. Its compact design is best for reaching tight places and prevents snagging. 

Fiskar manual pole pruner comes with a secure double locking system allowing the extended pole to stay put, adding more to the utility of this remarkable tool.

When talking about the price, Fiskar pole pruner offers a perfect finish in half the price compared to the rival Stihl manual pole saw.

User Critic

Most users of Fiskar pole pruners showed satisfaction with the long and steady reach of the manual pole. Users are impressed with the hooked saw that prevent them from sliding off the branch and sharp blades that quickly cut the thick limbs.

Though one user warns about the peril of using a looper feature with the saw, in the thick branches, the blade flops around, and the pull rope gets chewed up by the saw blade. 

Other users also point out the issue with the locking system that dismantles frequently. The clasps don’t lock tightly and could result in an extension mechanism to slip.


  • Can extend up to 16inch, best for hard to reach the place
  • Lightweight easy to handle construction
  • Durable, sharp blade for aggressive cuts
  • Dual cutting options
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Can get flimsy in a longer extension
  • lock system can malfunction in longer extension
  • not suitable for arms reach cutting job

Final Verdict

If you are someone who has an eye for the quality, then the silky pole saw is for you. Though it is on the high price end, it is a popular choice in the market for a reason. With cutting-edge technology, the price is justifiable, and it can become a life long companion in your gardening venture. 

4. Corona RazorTOOTH Pruning Saw – Worth the Money


If you think your yard doesn’t require any hard pruning job or the above options seem expensive, then consider investing in a convenient Corona folding saw. As its distinct feature, this small and lightweight folding hand saw is easily portable and suitable for any time use. 

But don’t undermine the power and efficiency of this pocket-friendly razor. It encompasses a 10inch blade featuring 3-sided razor teeth, ensuring efficient, fast cutting with the least effort. 

This folding hand saw is the best value for money as it offers a smooth and quality cut for small to medium-sized branches at a fraction of cost compared to the picks mentioned above. 

At an affordable cost, it also comprises an ergonomic design handle that provides a comfortable grip for more prolonged use. Its blades are also impulse-hardened, and chrome-plated giving a long service and adding to durability.

The easy to latch blade completes the features of Corona folding saw with additional safety.  

User Critic

Scanning through the reviews has revealed that this is a favorite pocket saw for the campers. Various users pointed out that compared to its size, it can efficiently and smoothly do wood cutting work. 

One user defines it as a lot of saw in a small package and other claims that it cuts like it has been sanded flat. A user appreciated its excellent control, more comfortable reach as compared to bow saws and convenient portability. 

But as other pruning saw, this also comes with some loopholes. More than one user pointed out that when closed, there is a gap, and part of the blade is exposed. 

Additionally, its blades are not replaceable. The edge does get dull with time, and it’s hard to sharpen the blade by yourself.


  • Fast and effortless cut form six 3-sided blades
  • easy to carry everywhere due to lightweight and folding feature
  • Latching blade provides a safety feature


  • There are no replacement blades available
  • Might be hard to sharpen the blade

Final Verdict

It is evident from the above review that foldable pruning saw is unquestionably a handy stash for both general hands saw work and stubborn camp firewood. Its lightweight makes it easy to handle. At the same time, the long sharp blade can be used to saw through some of the large logs. So, next time you plan to camp with your friends, then don’t forget to carry this handy foldable saw in your side pocket.

5. Silky Zubat Professional Curved Hand Saw 


The Silky saw is our final pick on this list. This saw has a curved shape along with a round end, which prevents the absurd and fast cutting. 

Moreover, it has big teeth and a rubber handle with grip. The curved shape of the saw makes it easier to cut through the wood. You’ll be able to cut off the limbs and clean all the stems around with it. 

Its big blade teeth cut through the wood easily. It might get rough as there will be smooth and sharp cutting, and then there is a stop from the round edges, which prevents excessive uncontrolled cutting. 

This product has made gardeners’ life much easier. It’s a long-lasting and durable saw that is very easy to handle. Still, you need to be careful when using it so that you do not harm yourself, so you better not be in a hurry as you use it. You will feel like a samurai on a mission with Silky saw.

User Critic

By looking at user reviews, we can say that it is excellent for the job. It can remove difficult and reluctant logs in one go. Its sharp teeth and grip with handle allow perfect cuts. Some people do complain about its price, but after using it, they also agree that it’s worth it.


  • It has a curve shape blade which helps in cutting round wood
  • The blade has  sharp teeth 
  • It has a good grip rubber to handle the saw


  • You must be more careful as it’s sharp

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, this saw is a handy piece of work. It’s one of the most durable and trustworthy manual pruning saws. When your garden is a mess, and you want to clip-clop all the chaos, sharp teeth with a curved blade is what you should go for!

What’s the Right Pruning Saw For You?

Pruning saw comes in different shapes and sizes, and each of them depends on its intended purpose. Although a general-purpose pruning saw can come handy for regular cuts and trimming, it cannot be used for various types of trees and branches. 

For an instant, a branch sixteen feet over your head would need a large pole saw with a sharp and long blade. 

Foldable pruning saws, on the other hand, are available in various sizes and purposes. The general rule is to match the size of the pruner with the size of the branch that you expect to cut. Foldable saws are best for roots, shrubs and small or medium size limbs.

If you anticipate cutting larger branches and limbs at your arm’s length distance, then Non-foldable pruners are go-to options. They also come in various sizes, and you should choose it based on the largest diameter of the branch you might cut from it. 

Conversely, there are bow pruning saws meant to cut firewood, larger limbs, or cut down a tree. No matter what pruning tool you choose, its utility depends on the application. Make sure first to assess its applicability and then carefully select among the different types and shapes of pruning saws. 

How To Choose The Best Manual Pole Saw? 

Manual Pole saws are usually the preferred options because they can keep the overhead landscape neat and clean. Its versatility helps keep the branches away from walls, roofs, and fences. With the saw attachment, it can cut flash the chunky branches. 

The right telescopic pole allows an appropriate angel for swift cutting. Pole length, material, blade, and tooth style are some of the points to consider when you want to buy manual pole saws. 

Things To Consider When Buying a Manual Pole Saw & Pruner

 As mentioned, different features and aspects of the manual pole saw and pruner plays a role when it comes to buying.

  • Pole length plays a pivotal role when choosing a manual pole pruner. If you are looking to manage a small garden, you may choose about a six-foot extendable pole. But for someone who has a large-scale landscape, they would need a pole that extends up to 22 or 24 feet. 
  • Pole material: make sure to choose a pole that balances the weight and strength of the construction. While aluminum fiber poles are lighter and easy to handle, they can snap when using an extensive branch. A good pole can balance the weight of saw with the quality of the material. It should be rigid enough to prevent flex and still easy to hold and move around.
  • Blade: The size of the blade changes in different products, but more importantly, the blade’s quality should also be checked. Steel blade with impulse-hardened teeth is the ones you need to look out for when choosing the pole saw and pruner. As overtime, blades wear down and need to be sharpened, therefore choose the one that can give long-lasting service.
  • Tooth style: look for saws with triple ground tooth as this will result in less effort for each cut.
  • Safety mechanism: An effective safety mechanism will change your overall laborious pruning into a pleasant and comfortable pruning experience.

How To Use Pruning Saw

  • Before using the pole- pruner and saw, make sure first to assess the site and the trees or branches that you are going to cut. Figure out where to cut and where the branch or tree can fall.
  • Don’t use pole pruner over its capacity. Determine the length and diameter of the branch that needed to be cut.
  • Make a groove so you can work your way down. This will prevent the tree from slippage and help you to keep balance.
  • Saw slowly from top to down with long- measured strokes, and cut it when the branch is 1.5 inches or less.

How To Take Care Of Blades: Blades Sharpening and Replacement

No matter the quality of the blade, over time, it still wears down. The good news is that it can still be sharpened with the specialty files.

The question is, should you do it yourself, then our answer is negative. Why? Because the multiple teeth angels of the poles prevent it from adequately sharpening. One wrong move can ruin the blade.

We suggest that you should consider getting it done from the hardware store or arborist. But keep it in mind, impulse hardened blades cannot be sharpened in any case as the steel is too hard.

As for the replacement, not many pruning saws have replacement blades these days. Do your homework before purchasing a saw. If you use a saw a lot, the cutting performance will eventually diminish. And the models and their replacements go out of production now and then. You may also find that the new saw won’t cost you much as compared to the new blade.

Pole saw blades are an exception as they are readily available. You can easily replace the blade without the need for a new pole and blade retention head.

Best Pruning Saws: Cut Branches with Ease!
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Best Pruning Saws: Cut Branches with Ease!
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