Best Raised Garden Kits For An Adorable Home Garden

Raising and nurturing a plant is like meditation. It brings you closer to nature, and you feel revitalized by the entire process.

A lot of people love gardening but in urban areas, finding land with loose soil can be a herculean task.

The solution to all your gardening problems, therefore, lies in a beautiful, easy to use, raised bed planter kit. These kits are the perfect way to give a push to that long-overdue gardening hobby. 

The variety of raised bed kits on Amazon can surprise you with their beauty and ease of maintenance. 

Choosing the perfect raised garden that not only fits your budget but also enhances the aesthetics of your place can be tricky.

Here are our three top selections that might help you scrutinize the options as per your liking.

 Best overall features  Victory 8 EZ – Gro Instant Garden

  • Easy to assemble
  • Advanced AeroFlow fabric that provides breathing space to the plant roots.
  • DekProTek features enable proper drainage.  

 Best gardening experience  Giantex Elevated Garden Bed with two side platforms 

  • Two side platforms for a better gardening experience.
  • Elevated design that helps people with back issues.
  • More versatile and spacious. 

 Best value for money  Greenes Fences Value Raised Garden Bed

  • High value for money. 
  • It takes limited space and can be put anywhere.
  • A user-friendly assembly that requires no tools. 

Top 5 Raised Garden Bed Kits

Apart from the raised bed garden kits mentioned above, you can further find a more descriptive list of options, which have some or other unique features to offer. With this detailed list, along with the pros and cons of each raised bed planter kit, you can narrow down your options and select a model to your liking.

1. Victory 8 EZ – Gro Instant Garden


The Victory 8 EZ – Gro Instant Garden raised bed planter kit is the most unique and versatile model that you can find in the market. What makes it the best overall choice is the proprietary DekProTek technology and the AeroFlow Fabric.

The DekProTek technology provides an enhanced water drainage system to the kit. As a result, there is lesser moisture accumulation that can give rise to the growth of molds and fungus. 

The AeroFlow provides the planter bed kit extra durability and a remarkable airflow that helps stimulate the growth of the plant as well as keep the roots healthy.

User Critic

Despite all the exclusive features, the box design has been a point of criticism by many gardening enthusiasts. The lack of stand with the kit makes it difficult for people with back problems to work with ease. However, you can place this raised bed kit garden on any flat top for working comfortably. 


  • AeroFlow fabric provides more access to air, thus, increasing breathability.
  • DekProTek technology prevents extra moisture-locking and better drainage.
  • No hassle when it comes to assembly. 


  • Lack of stand could be a problem for people with a back problem.
  • The requirement of soil is more than usual for the larger boxes. 

The Verdict

If you are looking for a planter bed that is a dream house for the healthy and steady growth of your plants, this is the model to go with. 

2. Giantex Elevated Garden Bed with 2 Side platforms


The experience of gardening becomes beautiful and relaxing if you can do everything with ease and comfort. And the Giantex Elevated Garden Bed with 2 Side platforms can bring you the ultimate gardening experience.

What makes this raised bed garden kit Amazon shine bright from the crowd are the two additional side platforms. You can use these platforms for absolutely anything! Keep a bunch of potted plants or your gardening tools for ease of access, the choice is yours.

Apart from that, the garden is elevated, and the assembly procedure is a cakewalk. The sturdy wooden construction makes it the perfect choice for organics. 

User Critic

The users, however, have had issues with the size of the planter bed kit. Though the additional platforms provide more space for gardening, they also take up more space on your patio.


  • Two additional side platforms for more space. 
  • Elevated construction, good for people with back problems. 
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • Takes more space than the basic planter bed. 
  • Side platforms can hold only a certain amount of weight. 

The Verdict

If you have a huge patio or extra backyard space, you can definitely beautify it by adding some green and make an amazing raised bed kitchen garden.

3. Greenes Fence Value Raised Garden Bed


The Greenes Fenced Value Raised Garden Bed is one of the most affordable raised bed garden kit with fences. The beauty of this planter kit lies in its naturally grown cedar box that provides a more organic environment for the growth of the plants.

The most valuable feature of this raised bed kit garden is the ability to stack the boxes together. This stacking helps in saving space and accommodating more boxes in a limited area. 

The cedar box provides extra life and durability to the box preventing getting attacked by insects or getting rotten due to high moisture. 

User Critic

Though it is a pocket-friendly raised bed kit with fence, the walls of the box are quite thin in comparison to the other standard models. Therefore, it makes the planter a bit fragile. 


  • Highly affordable.
  • The ease of stacking the boxes provides more space. 
  • Box made of cedar to provide a long life and insect resistance. 


  • The frame is thinner than other planter boxes.
  • Fragile. 

The Verdict

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for starting a kitchen garden in a limited space, this is your go-to option.

4. Mr. Stacky High – Grade Metal Raised Garden Bed


The Mr. Stacky High – High-Grade Metal Garden Bed is the best of the raised bed kits metal. 

The most remarkable feature of this raised bed kit Amazon is the painted metal fence around the box. It does not just provide enough depth for plant growth, it also provides proper drainage and ventilation that is required for the good health of the plant.  

The steel fence offers durability and longevity to the raised bed kits metal. The extraordinary length and breadth of the box make it ideal for a wide range of crops and herbs.

User Critic

The painted steel box, however, makes it a less favorable choice for organic farming, as the paint might contain chemicals. It also does not come with a stand, so it can be a problematic choice for those with some back issues.


  • Sturdy painted steel box. 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Proper drainage and ventilation for the plant. 


  • Metallic fencing with paint makes it unsuitable for organic farming. 
  • No stand makes it a no-go for people with back problems.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a planter that lasts long and provides perfect conditions for plant growth, this model is meant for you.

5. T4U Plastic Elevated Raised Garden Bed


The T4U Plastic Elevated Raised Garden bed is a flawless model when it comes to choosing raised bed garden kits for ornamental plants and succulents. 

The most exciting feature of this raised bed garden kit Amazon is the self-watering disc that comes incorporated in the bed’s design. This helps in the management of water in the garden by keeping it in circulation. This prevents any water accumulation near the roots, resulting in rotting damage.  

The entire assembly is prepared with PP plastic. This provides extra durability, strength, flexibility to the planter. The plastic used not just provides resistance from harsh weather conditions; it is also eco-friendly.

User Critic

Though the inbuilt drainage system helps in excellent water management, the users have shown dissatisfaction in setting up the planter indoors. It requires an additional container for gathering any overflow of water.


  • Self-watering disc for better water management. 
  • Elevated set up. 
  • Eco-friendly and durable material. 


  • Not suitable for indoors.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a hassle-free, self-blooming raised bed kitchen garden, this is the model to consider. 

What Is A Raised Bed Garden?

A raised bed garden kit with fence is basically a planter box, with or without elevation, used for home gardening. It is an open structure, either rectangular or square in shape. It is used as a flower pot; the only difference is that it provides more space for growing multiple plants at once. 

These planter boxes are sold in the form of Raised Garden Bed Kits, made from any material, ranging from plastic, wood, steel, etc. Every material brings its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to durability and longevity. 

These Raised Garden Bed Kits are not covered on the top and can be easily stacked together in the backyard, patio, or even on the kitchen window. They are perfect for raising a small kitchen garden, or do some organic farming, or simply grow some ornamentals to beautify your surroundings. 

If you love gardening and do not have enough space to nurture your favorite plants, a Raised Garden Bed Kit can be a perfect purchase. 

Raised Bed Gardening – Different uses and advantages

Raised bed gardening can have innumerable benefits when it comes to domestic farming. 

It is highly convenient to work with raised bed garden kits. They can be kept anywhere in the house, be it outdoors or indoors. You can raise a beautiful kitchen garden on your patio!

Elevated support makes it convenient for people of age and people with back problems to keep pursuing their hobby.

The most beneficial aspect of a raised bed planter kit is that you can monitor as well as control the environmental factors like soil quality, water availability, ventilation, etc. You can also prevent any crop damage due to pests or insects. 

Also, you can get organic produce by eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers. You can replenish the soil nutrients either by organic manure or simple crop rotations.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Raised Garden Beds?

There are primarily three types of Raised Garden Bed Kits.

Containerized Raised Beds and Planters

These are like rectangular or square flower pots. They can be used in areas like pavements and sidewalks for adding a touch of greenery to the boring roads. Because of their container-like structure, a reasonable size planter can be moved and relocated easily.

Raised ground bed

This is one of the economical and rustic forms of raised gardening beds. It does not require any planter boxes. The soil on which the plants are grown is raised a couple of inches above the ground to form a plateau. This soil elevation is cordoned by some type of moldings on all the sides.

Though it is economically feasible, no barriers on the edges can lead to pouring away of soil while watering the plants.

Support Raised Beds

This is the most common form of a raised garden bed. The elevated soil ground is surrounded by barriers. This helps prevent soil erosion by wind and water. It also helps in eliminating the chances of weed infestation.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Raised Bed

Though every model of raised bed garden kit Amazon has something unique to offer, there are still a few common features that one should check for before finalizing a raised bed planter kit. 


The location where you wish to keep your planter is the first and foremost consideration. You might want to keep your planters on the patio, in your backyard, or near the sun-facing window of your kitchen. 

Depending on the location, you can choose what type of planter is best suited for you. Therefore, finalizing a perfect spot for your planters is a must.


The size of the planter box is the second most important consideration. You do not want to purchase something that occupies a huge chunk of your backyard and barely have space to walk! 

Therefore, go for a size that fits perfectly in the location of your choice and provides you enough space for growing plants to which you can give proper attention.

Best Raised Garden Kits For An Adorable Home Garden
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