Best Trimmer Edger Combos

After carefully mowing your terrain, uniformly cutting around the edges is what follows. Those neatly straightened lines, combined with sharp cuts marking boundaries, amply decorate your compound. While a lawn mower can correctly tackle the mowing, it can’t handle the final professional manicures. That is the work of a trimmer edger combo.  

For starters, a trimmer edge combo is a 2-in-1 tool that features both trimming and edging heads. Some advanced trimmer edger combos are even 3-in-1! But we shall see that in a while.

Well, I know your dream, just like any other homeowners, is to make your lawn exotic-looking. So, you’re going to need a trimmer edger combo. 

The good news is that there is a whole bunch out there to choose from. The bad news is that they look similar but yet differ by far. Pointing out the best, therefore, can be puzzling. 

As a result, we have reviewed for you the 5 best trimmer edger combos. To smoothen your shopping even further, we have included a buying guide. But first things first. 

Our best picks

 Best overall  –  WORX WG175 Cordless Trimmer/Edger Combo: A trimmer, edger, and lawnmower all in a single tool!


[su_highlight background=”#FFFF93″]Best gas-powered[/su_highlight] – Echo 17-inch 21.2 cc Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit PAS-225-VP: Features a robust 21.2cc engine.


 Best value for money  – Black+Decker LST 420 Trimmer Edger comb: Pocket-friendly yet has a lot to offer you.


1. WORX WG175 Cordless Trimmer/Edger Combo (Best overall)


Ranking highest on our list is the Worx WG175. Because of its uniqueness and great design, we have to agree that this is among the best cordless trimmer edger combos in the market.

What you will notice first, and what makes the cordless trimmer edger combo outrun the others, is the 3-in-1 capability. In just a single tool, you have a lawnmower, a trimmer, and an edger.

Although it can’t fully function as a mower, it has two wheels, making mowing steady. Moreover, it is slim enough to hit some blindspots that the standard mower can’t reach. What impressed us most is how easy it is to switch between the 3 functions.

The trimming string has a 12-inch swath and is thin and sharp to the extent of cutting the thickest of shrubs as a knife does bread. Such quality cuts are enhanced by a 32-volt Max-Lithium battery that powers the motor maximumly. 

The weight of the whole unit is just praiseworthy. It only measures at 6.2 pounds, which means you can perform your garden maintenance for hours without getting tired.

Besides, the handle is adjustable so you can set it in the most comfortable position. That is not all; the head can tilt for 90° to save your back and hands from fatigue. 

A quick-release lever is featured to effect quick height adjustments. 

User critic

What users loved most was the lightweight design. They were impressed by how the machine can tackle large lands without asking for much effort. Even one who had arthritis claimed that she was able to handle the gardening herself.


  • A 3-in-1 piece of equipment
  • Quite powerful
  • Easy to switch between the three functions
  • Light and compact
  • Features an ergonomic handle


  • The trimming string is fragile and might require several replacements.

Final verdict

Let’s give credit where it’s due. The Worx WG175 is undoubtedly one of the best cordless trimmer edger combos. Indeed, what every homeowner wants is a tool that can tackle all the gardening tasks on its own. That’s precisely what the Worx WG175 does. If you’ve been looking for an all-round, powerful trimmer/edger, this one should get you satisfied.

2. Black+Decker LST 420 Trimmer Edger combo (Best budget)


There is nothing that excites homeowners more than a sensibly priced tool. Better even if the tool is competent enough to accomplish duties. Taking our best value for the money slot is the Black+Decker LST 420. 

Veritably, there is much for you to enjoy from this cordless tool apart from the pocket-friendly price. 

First, it packs a 20V Max Li-Ion battery that allows you to manicure your lawn for a whole 60 minutes. And if the task is not all that heavy, you can switch to extended runtime mode for a longer cut time. 

What’s remarkable is that the hours of work will be tireless and very productive. This is because the trimmer edger combo uses PowerDrive Transmission, which delivers more power to the cutting string to see faster cuts. This, backed by an Automatic Feed Spool, lets you do the job continuously without bumping. 

For maneuverability and navigability, this budget tool weighs only 5.7 pounds. Both the handle and height are adjustable to offer maximum comfort.

The battery is compatible with multiple Black+Decker tools so that you can save on money. 

User critic

Reviewers mostly seemed impressed by two things—first, the great cutting capacity. Second, the long battery life. They commented that the extended runtime mode works effectively. 


  • Very affordable
  • A long battery life (also packs 2 batteries)
  • A lightweight design and an ergonomic handle to increase maneuverability
  • An automatic feed spool that prevents bumping


  • Performance deteriorates as the battery runs out.

Final verdict

We all love affordable products. The problem with many of them, however, is that they end up disappointing us. It’s important to note that despite the friendly price, the Black+Decker is a great performer. We can say, considering the wonderful features it packs, it’s being sold at a giveaway price. That said, if you are operating at a strict budget, here’s your good friend.

3. Echo 17-inch 21.2 cc Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit PAS-225-VP (Best Gas-powered)


Those who don’t mind gases and exhausts will appreciate the excellent horsepower propelled by this gas trimmer edger combo. Gas-powered pieces of equipment are known for their exceptional performance, and this one is no exception. It is embodied with a robust 21.2cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine that delivers sure clean cuts. 

The engine features Pro-Fire electric ignition that makes starting effortless.

Apart from trimming and edging, this gas trimmer edger combo can support other 9 attachmentsFor easy swapping, all the attachments come with tool-less couplers and J-shaped hooks. 

We were also impressed by the open-faced metal shield on the edger attachment. This coating makes the blade clog-resistant, therefore, remaining sharp and efficient for long periods.

On top of that, a 2-year industrial warranty guarantees delivery and also safeguards your money. 

Even though Echo recommends 89-octane fuel, better performance is seen when higher-octane fuel is used.

User critic

The majority of users agree that Echo PAS-225-VP is an excellent tool. “Very happy with the machine, easy to change from trimmer to edger,” one user comments.


  • A powerful 21.2 cc engine that cuts optimally
  • Easy to start the engine
  • Supports up to 11 different attachments
  • Changing attachments is easy as pie
  • Edger attachment is clog-resistant


  • The engine runs on gas, therefore, ejects fume
  • The gas engine is also noisy

Final verdict

Gas-powered tools never grind to a halt even in the toughest of gardening tasks. Whether you are a regular homeowner or have vast fields to maintain, the Echo PAS-225-VP will get the job done. However, keep it in mind that you are mixing fuel and air.

4. Ryobi ZRP2008A ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer/Edger


The Ryobi One+18-Volt is a cordless combo kit that allows you to cleanly trim your lawn and decorate the edges unrestrained. 

It is powered by a 4 amp lithium-ion battery that guarantees an impressive 1-hour cutting time. The good thing is if you use a fast charger, the battery fills up very quickly.

We also love the trimming string, which has a 13-inch cut swath to deliver optimal cuts. 

While helping trim your grass cleanly, the cordless trimmer edger combo is comfortable to use. It features an adjustable handle that’s lockable at different intervals to keep your hands from the strain.  

The compact and lightweight design ensures maximum maneuverability, while an easy turning wheel makes edging as smooth as possible. 

For safety purposes, a small button is included at the handle to minimize accidental pulls of the trigger. The trigger only works when this button is pushed. This way, the motor can’t start unless you want it to.

The battery and charger are sold separately, and better yet, they are compatible with all Ryobi One+ tools. 

To top it up, you get a 3-year industrial warranty, courtesy of Ryobi.

User critics

Most of the users had a great experience with this trimmer edger combo. They say that it’s as powerful as a gas trimmer and requires very little maintenance. However, one complains that the tool is slow and that the battery runs out very fast.


  • A whopping 1-hour cutting time
  • Light and compact
  • A safety mechanism to prevent accidental pressing of the trigger
  • Battery and charger sold separately, letting you save on money


  • Not powerful enough for long term use and for areas with thick shrubs 

Final verdict

This cordless trimmer edger combo is ideal for your normal day-to-day lawn maintenance tasks. Having no 100-foot cord to limit you, you can straighten the edges of your large garden freely. You can also easily hit those hidden spots that your lawnmower can’t reach. However, you may go for a much stronger trimmer/edger if the area to maintain is heavily weeded.

5. EGO Power+ 15-Inch String Trimmer and Edger Combo Kit.


Ego is a well-reputed name in the gardening tools industry. Their products are known for their excellent horsepower and great versatility. 

This robust installment from Ego favors you with a superior arc-lithium 56V battery. With such a massive voltage, you can be sure of a whole hour of uninterrupted trimming. The battery is compatible with all Ego Power+ tools as well.

To make the whole cutting hour valuable and smooth, the trimming string can cut a good 15-inch swath. It is 0.095 inches thick, and the good news is that rewinding the line is simple, thanks to the Ego Reload head.

For the edging, an 8-inch diameter attachment is utilized. The height is adjustable between 1.5-4 inches to see more acute cuts. Varying the height won’t stress you as there is a quick depth adjustment lever that makes it hassle-free.

The biggest downside of the machine, however, is the cumbersome weight. We are looking at a shouting 16 pounds! This will, in a short time, become a bother. 

Another big drawback is that it does not offer speed control.

However, the machine comes with an Ego 5-year industrial warranty that is an assurance of durability.

User critic

We came across many reviews, most of which were from happy users. They loved the mammoth power it packs and the lengthy battery life offered. The only complaint was on the noticeable weight added when the battery was plugged in.


  • Powerful and effective for 1200 square feet lawns
  • Water-resistant, therefore, you can trim on wet grass
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to rewind the line
  • It is also easy to adjust the hedger attachment depth.
  • A 5-year warranty!


  • It lacks speed variability function
  • It is quite weighty with the battery plugged

Final verdict

The Ego Power+ 15-Inch may not have the power of a gas-powered trimmer, but it can seamlessly trim your backyard if it is not all that large. The adjustable edger head will deliver accurate boundaries between your flowerbeds, and the 15-inch swath perfectly handles the manicures.

However, if you can’t handle the 16 pounds, this powerful cordless trimmer edger combo is not your fit.

Trimmer Edger Combos: Buying Guide

We believe we have reviewed the best trimmer edger combos in the market. Now that you know the one that best suits you, what follows is heading to the market and taking one off the shelf. But before you set off for the mission, there are a few other things you need to know about trimmer edger combos.

Benefits of a Trimmer Edger Combo

Probably the biggest benefit of trimmer edger combos is that they are a 2-in-1 deal, and some are even 3-in-1. This saves you money as the combo price is, by quite a big margin, lower than the two (or three) bought separately.

It also makes gardening more convenient. Sometimes, carrying two tools to accomplish a single task can be cumbersome. The two tools combined in a single unit become lighter. Since it is easy to switch between functions, you can accomplish your lawn maintenance more effortlessly. Just cut the grass using the trimming head and swap to the edging head to straighten the margins. 

Like string trimmers, trimmer edger combos are small and maneuverable. Therefore, they allow you to seamlessly trim around trees, next to rocks, inside trenches, and generally, all those spots that your lawnmower can’t reach. Also, the combo will help you do the final decorating touches that a lawnmower can’t handle. These include borders between flowerbeds, walk paths, the driveway. All these greatly improve the aesthetics of your compound.    

Another thing to benefit from combos is to manage hilly terrains. Mowing on hills using regular lawn mowers can be risky, but it is 98% safe with a combo. Better even, as you will leave no spot untouched, and you can decorate the edges as well. 

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Trimmer Edger Combos

Like I had mentioned, trimmer edger combos differ in many aspects. So, before you invest your money, consider the following:

1. The Power Source

Edger trimmer combos are either powered by gas or electricity. 

Gas-powered Combos

They produce more torque than their electric counterparts. They can tackle tough tasks and effortlessly trim areas with thick shrubs. They are also convenient as there is no 100-foot cord to restrain you. Another good thing about them is that you can work for long periods without worrying about any battery running out. That is, of course, if you have enough fuel. 

On the downside, you will have to withstand smelly fumes and noise as you are mixing gas and oil. Another thing that will displease you is the regular maintenance needed. With 4-cycle motors, for example, you will need to change spark plugs every now and then. Starting a gas tool is also not easy like ABC. Some will require you to pull a chain several times and sometimes even develop starting problems. And not to forget, they feature fuel cans which noticeably add to the overall weight. 

Electric-powered Trimmer Edger Combos

They outrun gas-powered combos in many aspects, but their biggest downside is that they can never be as powerful. That aside, they are lightweight, affordable, quiet, and of course, emit no fumes. They can either be corded or battery-powered. 

Corded Combos

An electric cord runs from a power source to the tool. No matter how light the entire machine is, this cord will quickly become a burden. It will restrain you and limit your working area. However, you will always find extension cords in stores if you want more freedom. 

The power cord also poses risks as it can electrocute you to death if you cut accidentally. When using a corded combo, be careful not to touch the cord.

Battery-powered (Cordless) combos

They are the most convenient as they let you do the gardening untethered. As long as the battery is charged, you can work continuously for up to 60 minutes. However, the battery adds some notable weight. Always check the charging duration of the battery and whether the product comes with a battery. ‘Bare tool only’ means that you’ll buy the battery and charger separately.

2. Ergonomic Handle

Always check whether the handle is adjustable. With a handle that can be set to a comfortable point, you can work for hours without fatigue. Adjustable height is also recommended.

3. Shape of Shaft

It can either be straight or curved. Combos with curved shafts are lighter and more maneuverable. They are mostly better for trimming.

On the other hand, straight shafts offer better balance; therefore, they are ideal for edging. 

4. Switching Between Functions

Make sure that switching between trimming and edging is hassle-free.

Also consider features such as vibration, weight, presence of blade guard, and also the warranty.


What is the point of trimmer edger combos?

Trimmer edger combos are 2-in-1 tools that can accomplish both trimming and edging. As string trimmers, they will help you do the final lawn maintenance touches, hitting the points a lawnmower can’t reach. As edgers, they let you trim neatly around the edges. In essence, they save you from the hassle of walking around with two separate tools. 

Which is the best trimmer edger combo?

There are many companies manufacturing trimmer edger combos. What makes a good combo is mostly not the brand but the features it packs. When buying a trimmer/edger, consider the power source, weight, and the available functions.

How many heads does a trimmer edger combo have?

Most of the combos have a trimmer and an edging head. Others, such as the WORX WG175 Cordless Trimmer/Edger Combohave wheels that make them function as mowers as well. For the Stihl Kombi system, you buy a head and other attachments separately. It can support up to 13 (or more) attachments. 

How much do trimmer edger combos cost?

Trimmer edger combos are generally affordable. Although quality comes at a cost, you can get a capable combo with as little as $50. However, if you have a little more to spend or want greater performance, you can go as high as $400. 

Are trimmer edger combos durable?

It all depends on maintenance. When your trimmer/edger develops a problem, fix it immediately or take it to a repair expert. For gas combos, always change plugs and check for clogging of the carburetor.

Best Trimmer Edger Combos
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