Top 5 Mini Tillers and Cultivators

When you come to choose gardening as a hobby, your first priority is always soil. How fertile is your soil mostly depends upon how the smooth tilling and cultivating. By choosing the right mini tiller and cultivator, you can make it more fresh and fruitful.

First, let me tell you what tilling actually is. It is a method for the cultivation of the soil and its preparation for gardening.

If you are farming or gardening on a small scale, then you must need a mini tiller and cultivator. It is a type of power tiller that is primarily used for small gardens (<20 sq. ft.) and where there are relatively fewer or no stones in the soil.

In this guide, we’re going to look at the top 5 mini tillers and cultivators available in the market today. 

Top 3 picks

 Best Overall  – Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator 


 Premium Quality Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator


 Best Value For the Money Mantis 7924 Fast Start Tiller


5 Best Mini Tillers and Cultivators Reviews

1. Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator – Best Overall


Key Features

  • Speed: 340 RPM
  • Weight: 27.1 pounds
  • Power: Corded, 12 Amps
  • Tilling Dimensions: 16 inches width, 8 inches depth

As we can see in its key features, this mini tiller is very powerful. This is because it works at high speed with its 6 revolving tines made of good quality steel. Other than its speed, we cannot ignore its 12 Amps motor, which makes its quality more notable.

It also has 3 position wheels adjustment making it easier to use. 

The tiller has easy to hold handles, which can also be folded. These features make it more comfortable to transport.

User Critics

  • Most users have testified that this is the best purchase they made for their garden tilling. They find it manageable and easy to assemble. It’s perfect for cutting through weeds and hard-packed soil. Users are impressed by how it can even till the soil with clay and rocks. One user described it as ‘it looks like a mild-mannered toy, but it is actually a BEAST”.
  • Although most users claimed the tiller as a durable product, they did point out some precautions. Some users complained that continuously operating the product burned their unit. While the others warned to use a 12/3 extension with it, not every extension can handle this device’s current. Also, weeds and grass can wrap around the shaft. So occasionally clear them out to prevent them from binding the unit.  


  • Simple to use
  • Can be used in small places easily
  • It is lightweight hence user friendly


  • Not affordable for everyone 

Final Verdict

This mini-tiller is on the top of our list for a reason. Visibly lightweight, manageable, and an actual Beast in its performance. The durable tiller will outperform every time and gives a clear and even seedbed for gardening. It’s a popular choice among gardeners as it works well on both hard and soft but lumpy soil. If you value your money, then don’t hesitate to buy this mini tiller as it will give you a long-lasting and remarkable service. 

2. Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator – Premium Quality


Key Features

  • Power: Corded, 13.5 Amps
  • Speed: 280 RPM
  • Tilling Dimensions: 16 inches width, 8 inches depth
  • Weight: 34.8 lbs

If you have a small to mid-sized garden, then you’re looking for the right product here. This corded electric mini tiller is ideal to use in small gardens and flower beds. Not only this, but it will also assist you in controlling the weeds.

This is yet another powerful mini tiller model with 2.5 Amp motor and a small power cord attached. It has four high-quality, durable steel blades, which makes the process of tilling much easier. Its high speed of 280 rpm can do the work quickly and will save you time. 

Also, it is light and relatively effortless to operate with compared to many other tillers. It is comfortable to use as it has a soft agronomic grip.

If you have a small gardening area or the raised garden beds, then its adjustable tilling feature will help you prepare the soil precisely even in smaller sections. 

User Critic

  • Most users are satisfied with the performance of the Earthwise and consider it to be the tiller with most features at the least price. Users find it a strong and efficient unit that can quickly turn out the dirt.
  • The only problem that users find is with its safety lock. As it has to be triggered with one hand after turning on the rototiller and not having a strong grip on the handle may cause a hazard. And given that it bucks a lot and can take it off, it needs a significant amount of strength and great attention.


  • It is perfect for tilling in small gardens.
  • Lightweight machine, easy to handle and movable
  • Sharp high-quality blades
  • Eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered


  • Cannot be used for medium or large-sized plots
  • Its electric cord is too small

Final Verdict

Whether you want to prepare flower beds for the spring or just want to loosen the soil and clean the garden bed, Earthwise is an essential addition to your gardening tools. Let the powerful and easy to handle rototiller do the hard work for you and get the garden ready for the healthy growth of your plants in no time. 

3. Mantis 7924 Fast Start Tiller – Best Value For the Money


Key Features

  • Power: Gas, 21.2 cc
  • Speed: 240 RPM
  • Tilling Dimensions: 9 inches width, 10 inches depth
  • Weight: 21 pounds

This rototiller is another deal-breaker from the Mantis. Like its pairs, this Mantis tiller is lightweight and compact, making it another great option for tilling in gardens of different sizes.  

Mantis 7924 comes with its own unique features. Built-in with a distinct fast-start, you’ll be able to start the mini-tiller 75% easier.

This mantis tiller is powered by gas. The 2-cycle engine with a horsepower of 21 cc and high speed of 240 rpm, can swiftly break up the dirt. Not only this, but 9″ tines made of high-quality steel will efficiently dig in the narrow spaces. 

The additional fingertip throttle let you control the speed as per your requirement, making plowing job fast and easy. 

User Critic

  • This rototiller is another favorite of the users. Users are satisfied with the well built and high-quality model. They recommend it because it is easy to start and can conveniently tear through the soil and break up clods without any hiccups. 
  • Some users, however, pointed out that the tiller might take more time to start when cold. Another user warned to use discretion with throttle control to avoid any accident.


  • It is very lightweight
  • Much easier to use
  • It is easy to assemble


  • Unaffordable for some customers

Final Verdict

If your current tiller takes forever to start, then the Mantis fast-start is the answer to your prayers. With a few gentle pulls, it will be up and running in no time. Not only is the tiller easy to maneuver, but the powerful engine cultivates the garden bedfast, and precisely. This small package is unquestionably made for heavy-duty performance.  

4. Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 4-Cycle 7940 Tiller Cultivator


Key Features

  • Speed: 240 RPM
  • Power: Gas, 25 cc
  • Tilling Dimensions: 9 inches width, 10 inches depth
  • Weight: 24 pounds

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly tiller machine, then Mantis 4-Cycle 7940 Mini Tiller is the perfect choice for you. The 25 cc engine of this model is powered by gas; hence it tends to cause much less air pollution compared to other tillers or no pollution at all.

It is lightweight with a speed of 240 rpm, which makes its tines spin fast and work so efficiently. Also, this model of mantis tiller is 9 inches wide and 10 inches deep and hence provides greater digging area and saves time.

It has a handy kickstand that allows a steady placement, and the folding feature is an addition to the convenient portability and storage. 

User Critic

  • Judging from the user reviews, the Mantis has come out as the best tiny tiller in the market. Users consider it as reliable and problem-free equipment. They are impressed by how the quiet tiller can easily fit in small spaces and chew through the tough clumps.
  • But there are some of the problems that users encounter with this tiller. First is the design of slicing tines. The slicing tines only work backward, and the gaps between them miss a lot of weeds and should be operated side by side. Second, some users complained about the high consumption of fuel as compared to the other tillers. 


  • Lightweight and easy to handle machine
  • Its assemblage is very easy
  • It is environment friendly


  • It is slightly expensive
  • Uses plenty of gas

Final Verdict

Claimed to be the tiniest tiller in the market, Mantis is a keeper. It is a perfect choice for gardens that have tight spaces. The compact design with the powerful engine let it till through small spaces effortlessly. If you are tired of using giant and hard-to-handle rototillers, then Mantis can undoubtedly replace them.

5. Earthquake 31452 MAC Tiller Cultivator, Powerful 33cc 2-Cycle Viper Engine


This is one of the best small rototillers perfect for rocky soils. This efficient machine is among the best rototillers you can consider buying for your garden. This works best in gardens where aeration or weeding is required. Not only this, but it also saves time and effort.

It has auto adjustable wheels, which makes it easier to transport. 

It comes with some drawbacks also which may cause slight inconvenience. Its jumpy mechanics can cause damage to the other plants in the garden. But we cannot overlook its powerful engine and high speed, which makes it one of the best rototillers.

User Critic

Users of Earthquake tiller have claimed this product to be the same as advertised. Easy to assemble and use. They liked that the handle design gave sturdy control over the triller. Also, the powerful engine does a remarkable job of breaking down and cultivating the soil. Convenient maneuverability is considered as the strongest point of this rototiller by the users.

However, few users complained about the jerkiness and commented not to use it on the flower bed as it can bounce on them.  


  • The power and speed sections are adjustable as there is a gearbox present in it.
  • A poly guard is also attached to this machine, which protects from dirt and mud.
  • Blades attached are made of high-quality steel and are sharp enough to trim.


  • Slightly expensive to buy
  • Heavier 

Final Verdict

Although the Earthquake mini tiller is on the heavier side compared to the tillers mentioned above, its adjustable wheels help move around the tiller and give a clearer sight when cultivating through the garden. The handlebar position gives an overhand control,  preventing sudden jerks and vibration when hitting the rock. This is why it’s a suitable option for weeding, mixing, and aerating your garden.

Why Use A Mini Tiller And Cultivator?

A tiller requires less time and effort. It is a very useful tool when preparing the soil for planting fruits, flowers, or vegetables. A tiller actually consists of blades called tines (4 blades per tine). An electric motor or gasoline engine are sources of its power. 

Two of the tines are pointed inwards, which prevents the accumulation of soil and grass on blades. The other two tines are pointed outwards and are basically the cutters. All these tines together make the mini tillers work and hence aids in the digging of soil conveniently.

Tilling helps in controlling or at least minimizing plant pests. Other than that, it helps maintain soil balance and the aeration of the soil. Tilling your garden is an essential process, so you should have a mini tiller and cultivator of the best quality.

Mini Tiller And Cultivator Difference

There is a common misconception that tillers and cultivators are the same things, but this is not true. These are two different types of equipment with slightly different functions. 

When mixing loose soil, we use a cultivator as its blades do not have enough power to loosen the hard soil. It is best to use a cultivator when we want to mix fertilizer into the soil. It also helps in getting rid of obnoxious weeds.

Tillers are used to break the hard ground. This is usually done when setting up a new garden. So you’ll definitely need a mini tiller doing so as it can reduce the labor.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing A Mini Tiller And Cultivator

Whenever buying a mini-tiller, the following are the points you should keep in mind. If we consider these points and factors, you will undoubtedly buy the best one:

  • Speed Variation

An excellent mini tiller should have adjustable speed. When needed, you can slow it down or speed it up.

  • Blades and Tines

The tines in a mini tiller should be 2, 4, or 6. But the more the tines, the more efficient the machine is. Also, blades should be made of good quality steel.

  • Handles

Handles are undoubtedly an important part as we hold the tiller through those handles. They should have a good grip, and they should be foldable. This makes the mini tiller and cultivators easy to transport and store after use.

  • Cord Lock

If a device is unplugged while using it, it can make the working inconvenient, so there should be a cord lock to prevent this.

  • Wheels

The wheels make a tiller easy to handle and move while tilling. In case the tiller is heavy, the wheels ease the work.

  • Motor

The power motor of your tiller is actually the main part which provides all the energy. So the motor should be powerful enough. A lighter motor will cause hindrance in work.

  • Rotation of Blades

Variation in the rotation of the blades is an additional feature. It is not present in all the tillers. It can help control the tilling process, and you can choose how aggressively you perform tilling.

Top 5 Mini Tillers and Cultivators
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