5 Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Plant Hangers

Plant lovers! don’t we all love to connect with nature? Whether you prefer indoor plants or enjoy outdoor gardening, greenery and plantation are the elements that make our life mindful and our place more beautiful. Being a resident of a house embellished by plants attracts the eye of any visitor and spreads positive energy. 

And what’s better than a plant in the house? The sight of a hanging plant! This would save you space all along with enhancing the decor of your place. Hanging your green and flowery plants adds an elegant beauty to your house and upgrades the look of your garden. 

If you are looking for something that holds the plants in an organized way, then heavy-duty plant hangers will surely meet your needs. They provide versatile options and for several other purposes, to hang your plants both indoors and outdoors. 

Here, we present you with the best and most elegant plant hangers after a lot of research, time devotion, and exploration.

These selected plant hangers are rust free to allow them to stand way more longer. The product is designed by Bethany Hubbard whose work is largely influenced by Spanish colonial style. Also, these products are versatile as they can also act as a bird feeder, lantern hanger etc. Check them out below!

 Best overall  – Black Hammer 80008 Plant Hanger Basket


 Best Value for Money  – Amagabeli 4 Pack Hanging Plants Bracket


1. Black Hammer 80008 Plant Hanger Basket – Best Overall


The hanging basket stand that topped our list of best outdoor plant hangers is “Black Hammer Manufacturers,” which is a large hanging platter with a size of 14 inches in diameter and 6.5 feet in height.

The unique colored composition and catchy eye design are what makes it worthy of notice at first glance. Moreover, despite being lightweight it has the capacity to hold massive plants.

The tremendous hanging basket stand ensures rust-free service to you for a considerable amount of time for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

This hanging pot comes with a designer chain which has a holding capacity to bear twice the hanger’s weight. Furthermore, in this context, a Super Moss plant is also attached to this chain, which adds in the aesthetic sense of this hanging basket holder.

By virtue of usage of metal construction material, this item is durable for years and is an excellent garden decor to provide you with the utmost satisfaction in terms of the garden’s beauty management.

The Solid chain and hanging basket holder used have the ability to provide strong support to any material. This brief but secure attachment feature is to give you the option of changing the place of this hanger to find the best suitable place, matching your aesthetic sight.

User Critic

For the majority of users, the basket hanger is useful and beautifies their indoors and outdoors. But there is another side to it; hookers provide great length for attachment of green and flowery plants. In short, volume for plant placement is limited in the hanging basket plant stand.


  • Aesthetic eye pleasure
  • Moss Lining
  • Rust Resistant durable chains 
  • Lightweight


  • Pricey
  • Limited Volume

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if you prefer beauty more than volume or room, then this outdoor plant hanger is definitely for you. Eye-catchy moss lining and unique chain design make this hanging basket plant our favorite pick.

2. Amagabeli 4 Pack Hanging Plants Bracket – Best Value for Money


We have Amagabeli 4 pack hanging brackets as the new product to proceed with our list. The unique quadruple design of this plant stand makes it one of the best plant hangers in the contemporary market.

Amagabeli 4 pack hanging bracket is made of premium quality, rust-resistant heavy-duty steel material. This outdoor plant hanger provides excellent value for its price.

The thing that is worth mentioning here is the multipurpose usage of this heavy-duty plant hanger. Besides green plants, one can use it for flower pots, lanterns, and artificial plant decoration.

It allows multi hanging options in four different scenarios; each one among them operates on different lengths. Furthermore, a sturdy and durable canvas door fence hook allows a considerable amount of weight to be hanged.

Style is another aspect in which this outdoor plant hanger stands out. Hand Forged wrought iron offers a traditional but charming look. A dark finish that it provides stunningly complements anything that you attach to it. This hanger adds beauty and elegance to your home garden.

Amagabeli 4 Pack Hanging Plants Bracket comes with great versatility; you can screw this hanger into deck posts, wood fence posts, or even indoor walls. It looks best within a variety of different environments while adding to the exquisite look. 

User Critic

Most users find these brackets handy as they hold the weight of the plant and keep them in place. All brackets were well made and sturdy however it is not very strong for side forces and there is no reinforcement from side to side. 


  • Quadruple hanging option
  • Versatile
  • Premium quality
  • Budget king


  • Traditional portraying
  • Weight is on the high side slightly

Final Verdict 

If you are among the ones who like traditional touch with modern leafy plants, then this is the best heavy-duty hanger for you to spend your money on. This product offers premium quality with a decent release of funds from your pocket, which makes it worthy of purchase.

3. APBFH Outdoor plant Hooker – Best Features in Limited Budget


Here we move on, expanding our list with the addition of another heavy-duty wrought iron plant holder which comes under the name “5-inch APBFH plant hooker”. Having a thickness of 3/16 provides strong support to its hanged constituents.

This plant holder can comfortably hold 30 lbs of weight by virtue of its handmade property. You can accommodate many items to it as it provides 4 inches length from the wall point to the point of hanging.

Its simple installation method is another factor that compelled us to present this outdoor plant stand on our list. You can easily install it on the wall or ceiling.

Moreover, this iron plant hanger provides diversity in terms of places where you can use it. Whether inside your bedroom, living room, doorway, porch, farmhouse, yard, wood deck fence, or garage, this plant hanger would add a touch of vintage to your place and make it stand out.

By virtue of its noticeable length, it enables you to hang your plants at diverse places in your home or out the door in a unique combination.

This item surely is unique, valuable, and durable. It offers a longer life span compared to other outdoor plant hangers. It definitely is one of the best places for your green and flowery plants.

User Critic

Users state that this product is excellent as it is made up of simple frilly  and elegant design. However, some users didn’t like the fact that the paint was already chirping off as they were installing them. 


  • Rust Resistant.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Durable.
  • Homemade Authenticity.


  • Moderate Life Span.
  • Average in look.

Final Verdict

We are summarizing thoughts about this item on a take that if your requirements meet the construction material and life span, then this heavy-duty iron plant stand is a great fit. Furthermore, the rust-resistant option makes this item worth its price. 

4. AMHOOK Plant Hooks Hanging Baskets – Best in Terms of Load-carrying


Moving on, the next item on our list is a hanging basket by AMHOOK. The construction material is iron, which is an excellent choice for heavy-duty outdoor plant hangers. This iron is beautifully crafted with the coverage of sleek black paint.

This black paint on outdoor wrought iron plant hangers ensures almost zero rusting besides resisting harsh weather and making it durable for the long term usage. The wall hooks and iron plates are solidly fixed together by seamless welding technology for better user experience.

By virtue of its robust construction, it can hold up weight around 60 lbs to provide you utmost satisfaction after the purchase. This hand-forged S type perfectly curved ending is perfectly designed to hold the plants that you want to be hanged.

 The hook is 16 inch in length and 13 inch in height with 11mm width . This excluded length keeps the plant or flower basket away from the wall.

This wrought iron plant holder provides its users with the feature of quick and easy installation. All you need to do is to find a flat surface, a wall of wood fence to fix this hook by your hand and drill the surface. 

The unique and distinguishing feature of this heavy-duty hanger is the four corner holders that provide additional strength and support, thus making it more secure and safe for the usage. This hanger is very amazingly firmed in its operation.

User Critic

Users like this product as it is elegantly made and can easily hold heavy plants without bending the hook. At the same time, few users didn’t get the installation supplies like bolts and didn’t like the quality of the product.


  • Strong Construction material
  • Firm grip
  • Four corner holding feature
  • Impressive weight holding capacity
  • Durability


  • Limited hooking options
  • Outdated design

Final Verdict

Based on the research we have done on this durable plant hanger, we recommend it to the users that possess the bulk of plants to attach with this heavy-duty plant hanger. Its unique capability to hold weight by virtue of rust-resistant iron is something that makes it a good lifetime purchase.

5. Gray Bunny Hand Forged Curved Hook Hanger – Best for outdoor Scenarios


Last but not least, is the forged curved hanger by Gray Bunny to finally end the list of best outdoor heavy duty plant hangers with a transition in construction material from iron to more dense metal. These wrought iron planter stands are multipurpose hangers to serve a variety of needs which includes hanging green leafy plants and flowering plants.

A sleek cast iron hook provides a modern look to it along with the dark finish that stunningly complements anything that you hang from it which adds elegance and beauty to your garden.

It comes with matching black screws which are indispensable for its installation and are capable of providing it with a consistent look. Moreover, it is worth mentioning here that heavy-duty rust-resistant steel iron welcomes your most cumbersome baskets and pots.

The smooth and versatile installation of this heavy-duty outdoor plant hanger enables you to use it in a variety of places. One can fix it to deck posts, wood fence posts, or even indoor walls depending upon his choice.

It enhances the beauty in a variety of different places and looks great in combination with your artificial plants. Moreover, its curved tips ensure secure holding of hanging items while adding to the exquisite look.

GRAY BUNNY offers this premium hanger for outdoor plants hanging mainly for your lawn and garden with 90 days of the money-back guarantee. After purchase, if in any scenario you are not satisfied with the outdoor hanger you can get your dollars back.

User Critic

 Users like the product as it is very sturdy and allows to hang any plant without bending the hook. However, many users did not get the right size screw which made them buy their own. other than that there is no other fault found by our users.


  • Dense and robust construction material
  • Multiple options in terms of places
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Exquisitely curved tips


  • Only two pieces in this price are not something attractive 
  • Screw quality is not up to the mark

Final Verdict

In the majority opinion, if you can compromise on holding space, then this thing is for you, it offers premium quality with a diverse range of options. If you consider yourself among the users that have limited options in terms of outdoor plant hanging then this hanger is worth purchasing.

What to Look for When Buying a Heavy Duty Outdoor Plant Hanger?

If you’re looking for the best hanging planter for your place, then there are some factors you should consider before buying the wrought iron plant hanger. There are so many choices you have to select from, but to save your money, we advise you to check a few things before purchasing the product. To ensure that you make the best choice, we have a buying guide that will tell you about the things you should keep in mind before buying the hanging planters.

1. Size

The size of hanging planters depends on the size of a plant you have, so before buying it, keep in mind the size of the plant you are using for it. You must decide on the kind of plant you want to display. This will help you have a better perspective on the size of the planter you want to buy.

2. Material

There are different types of material from which hanging planters are made up off like macramé, resin, plastic, and many other materials. The material used in the construction of planter hangers determines the strength and durability of the item. The type of material used will determine where your hanging planter can be put, so you should know where you want to place your plant before buying the hanging planter.

3. Design

The design of a hanging planter increases the beauty of the existing décor within the room. The design may be classic, modern, or contemporary, and this can transform your place into something beautiful. Make sure that your planter blends with your existing décor, make sure to see all available colors and texture and match them with your décor which you already have at your home.

4. Weight Capacity

Before buying a wall mount plant hanger, you should consider its weight capacity. In this way, you will ensure that it can perfectly carry the weight of the plant. This will also help to increase the durability of the plant hanger.

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