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We know that vegetables need up to 18 hours of sunshine to grow. However, on rainy days or during a long winter, vegetables cannot get the amount of light required. As a result, they can’t grow properly in these seasons, and we won’t be able to enjoy the taste of our favorite ones all year-round. 

However, with the proper amount of light, we can grow our favorite vegetables indoors. There is an alternative to sunlight and that is LED grow lights for vegetables. The LED light helps plants in the photosynthesis process, enabling you to grow herbs, fruits, and small veggies even in a small place. And with technology improvement, the LED lights are now pocket-friendly, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. You can also adjust the light level to provide the proper amount of light. 

But, there are multiple types of LED grow lights, and this can make you confused to pick the right one for you. Do not worry,  we have reviewed 7 Best LED Light for Vegetative Growth and added a buying guide to make your purchase a simple task. Are you ready to get your LED grow light? 

Let’s start without wasting time!

Top Picks of the List

VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light –  Best Overall 


The VIPARSPECTRA is the overall best grow light for vegetative growth. The LED light has a new daisy chain feature that allows you to connect multiple units. It has two dimmers to adjust brightness according to your requirements. Also, the grow light offers all features at an affordable price.

Phlizon LED light –  Best for Safety 


Phlizon LED light is the safest LED light in our list. This LED light does not emit LED reflectors to make beautiful looks. Reflector lights are not so useful for plants. They can catch fire and melt. Also, the LED light has a cooling system with four fans to enhance the life of LED.

Ankace LED grow light –  Best Value for the Money 


The Ankace is the most popular and cheapest light on this list. The LED light comes with 36 LEDs red and blue LEDs. This LED light is great if you are looking for a cost-effective LED light. 

7 Best LED Grow Lights Review

1. VIPARSPECTRA newest dimmable LED Grow Light 


VIPARSPECTRA VA-Series LED grow light has dual-chip LEDs to provide full-spectrum lighting. The VA-series LED grow light comes with two dimmer veggies and bloom. The veggies dimmer allows you to change the brightness level for germinating and promoting the early vegetation cycle. You can also change the brightness by bloom dimmer for flowering and fruiting. 

The VIPARSPECTRA VA-Series LED grow light comes with a new daisy chain function. The Daisy chain feature assists growers to connect multiple lights with few outlets. A US power cable comes with each package, so you do not need an additional cord. Simply plug in the power cord in the second outlet. With this feature, you can easily connect multiple units. 

The VIPARSPECTRA LED light is best for a 3’×3’ vegetative coverage at 22” height and 2.5’×2.5’ flowering coverage at 16”. You can select 18”-26” with 100% VEG and 60% bloom brightness for the vegetation stage. On the other hand, for flowering and fruiting, you can select hanging height at 18” to 24” for 12 hours per day with 100% brightness on both VEG and bloom.  

The LED light comes with an efficient cooling system. It has high-speed cooling fans and built-in aluminum heat sinks the company provides you two years warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. The LED light has an optimal full spectrum of lightning that gives plants everything they need in all stages from veg to flower. The light is also one of the best grow lights for seedling. 

User Critic 

Users have one major problem with this LED light. It is louder than normal, especially when dimmers are low. 

Worth the money 
Very bright 
Low heat 
Good build quality 
Awesome adjustability
Heat sink gives the capacity to be a real beast 
LED light is noisy 

The Verdict 

The Led light comes with many advanced features like daisy chain function. Thanks to this feature, users are allowed to connect multiple devices. On the other hand, the LED light has an efficient cooling system with a powerful fan. However, the range of the cooling fan is very high, and it creates irritating noise. Especially when dimmers are low, it becomes much louder. 

2. Phlizon High Power LED grow Light for Vegetable 


The Phlizon High Power LED grow light is one of the safest LED lights. Not compromising safety for the looks, the company claims that the LED light does not use led spot reflectors. In fact, using these reflectors can be risky and may put users under the danger of igniting a fire. 

This energy-saving LED light has a comprehensive light spectrum. It can cover a 3.5×3.5ft growing area at 24” hanging height, making it perfect both for the germination and flowering stages. It also adopts dual-chip LEDs with the highest PAR/Lumen output. Also, this double chip LED is much brighter and more efficient than traditional LEDs. 

These 10W powerful LED lights ensure your plant growth in any weather conditions. The Phizon light includes universal blue, red, IR & UV, and white LEDs for the full spectrum. And this is how these lights work, while The IR and UV lead plants to promote defense mechanisms, the blue and red light is for plant growth.   

The LED light comes with an efficient cooling system. It has four cooling fans and vents to ensure heat dissipation to extend the product life. If you still doubt the quality of this Led light,  check the warranty period. Not only does Phizon LED light provide two years warranty, but it also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. 

User Critic 

Most users are happy with this LED light, but it doesn’t mean there are no drawbacks to it. The Led light has an excellent cooling system, but the four fans are noisy. One of the users said that the LED light is perfect for veggies but not for bloom. The power cord is also short; therefore, you will need an extension cord.

Pros Cons 
Excellent cooling system 
Nice design 
Solid metal construction 
Very bright
2 years warranty
30 days money-back guarantee
Fans are very loud 
Cord is short  

The Verdict 

The LED light is very safe to use. It will never get too hot because of the 4 powerful fans that keep the light cool. Only one main issue remains, the fan makes a loud noise, which can be irritating. Overall, this is a great LED light to buy and worth every penny you spend on it. 

3. Ankace grow LED light for Vegetable  


The Ankace grow LED light is the most popular and best-selling product on our list. The ankace LED light has more than 5000 reviews on Amazon. The reason behind its popularity is its price, five steps dimming level, three switch mode, 36 red & blue LED combination, and 360° adjustable gooseneck. All these features make it a great deal to catch.

The Led light comes with two 360° adjustable goosenecks. It can cover a large area and emit light in any direction. The multiple-use LED light can be helpful for indoor plants and greenhouses at your home. Also, the LED light has five dimmable modes, and so you can set different brightness according to your plant’s need, making it one of the best LED lights for vegetative growth.

The Ankace LED light comes with 36 blue and red LED chips. It has 12 blue LED chips with a wavelength of 460nm to help in germination, while the 24 red light, which wavelength is at 660nm, helps in germination and flowering. 

On the other hand, the Ankace LED light has three timer settings, allowing you to set 3, 6, and 12-hours timer according to the plant’s growth. Also, the grow light is easy to use and control with the control panel. You only need to connect the adapter to the device, and you can set the light on any surface up to 3 inches with the clip. 

User Critic

Users mainly have only one complaint about the timer. The Led light has a timer but the light will not start automatically on the next day. Which means, if you have started the timer then the light will turn off after a specific time, but it will not start on its own. The next day, you have to start the LED light manually. 

Easy on the eyes 
Easy to use 
Easy to assemble 
Great for indoor planting 
Good value for the money 
Does not have an everyday timer
Users are having issues with placement 

The Verdict 

The Ankace LED light is a good value for the money, just like JUEYINGBAILI LED light, its clip can be attached to a 3 inches surface. The Led light comes with many great features, but it lacks an everyday timer. If this feature is important to you, keep scrolling, we got you covered.  

4. JUEYINGBAILI Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 


The JUEYINGBAILI led light is designed with four goosenecks to provide you with a wide coverage area. The JUEYINGBAILI grow lamp comes with excellent features making it one of the bestselling grow lights on amazon. 

The grow light is manufactured with three color modes red, blue, and mixed. The blue light helps in germination, red light enhances photosynthesis for better results, while mixed one fastens the growth of indoor plants. Besides, the 9 level brightness from 20% to 100% promotes the growth of plants in different stages, and one head of the grow light can cover from 24 to 27 inches according to the height. 

Unlike Ankace, the JUEYINGBAILI led light contains the auto on/off timer. This feature helps you take good care of your plants even when at work. On the other hand, the LED bulbs are made of aluminum heat conductive material, which can provide 50,000 hours of longevity without burning, melting, or flickering. 

Powered by USB or AC power plug, the gooseneck can rotate 360°, and comes with a clip that can only attach to a 3 inches edge, so you can only put it in a limited area, but you can use a small piece of wood or other material to clip. Also, the LED light is made user-friendly, you can easily control all the functions with sensitive buttons. And the cherry on top, you get a 2-year warranty. 

User Critic

Users have two main problems with this LED light. First, users said that the construction is not bad but the clip is, and you can put the LED light in limited areas. Also, the lights are heavy so you cannot clip it on sideways. The second issue is related to the automatic timer. The light does not start at the same time every day. The light turns on about an hour later than the first time. Another user says that the timer can work perfectly if you set it for 12 hours. You can connect it to Alexa plug for precise control.

Pros Cons 
Very bright 
Adjustable brightness 
4 gooseneck 
360° rotatable neck 
3 color option
Comes with USB adapter 
Can be put in limited areas 
The timer does not start at the same time 
Needs to be close to plants 

The Verdict 

This LED light features multiple functions, from the adjustable brightness and 3 color features to the auto on/off timer. All this will be very helpful to you to grow your plants quickly.

5. BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light for Vegetables


The BESTVA 1000W LED light has bigger dual-chip LEDs making these LED lights more efficient than the traditional 3W and 5W LEDs. The grow light has ten kinds of LEDs for true full spectrum. It helps plants and vegetables indoors grow like natural light does at all stages. While you may find this BESTVA 1000W LED light expensive, it is robust and quite different from others. Keep on reading and find out about all the features this LED light has to offer you.

The BESTIVA Led light comes with two VEG and bloom switches. The VEG switch is for growing vegetables and other plants, and the bloom switch is for seeding and flowering. You can either turn on one or both switches together according to your plants’ needs. 

This LED light has a powerful cooling system, which uses an aluminum plate radiator, 3mm thick for heat dissipation, containing holes to make heat convection. It has twice as big coverage area than any reflector series lights, with a 5.1-inch × 4.7 inches growing area at 24-inch height. Also, you will benefit from a whole 3-year warranty and 90 days money-back guarantee. 

User Critic

This is a highly rated LED grow light, showing how much satisfied most users are. Some of them find the hangers to be flimsy and the clips bending after some time. The light cannot hold its weight. 

Also, many users pointed out that advertising and amazon product listings are wrong. While in the manual that comes with the light says the lifespan of 50,000 hours, you find in amazon listing 100,000 hours.

Pros Cons 
Best for grooving flowers and veggies 
Easy to plug and turn on 
Saves electricity 
Very bright 
Low temp
Difference between manual and amazon listing
Hangers are not adjustable  

The Verdict 

Although a bit on the expensive side, your veggies will grow in no time with this LED grow light. With the 3 year-warranty, you can be assured of its good quality. It is robust and offers you all the features you need. 

6. Relassy Full Spectrum grow Lamp for Indoor Plants


The Relassy full spectrum grow light provides 100% natural sunlight to indoor plants. The relassy grow light is suitable for all stages of indoor plant growth. Also, this light has a changeable grow light bulb. It can promote the growth of leaves, protein synthesis, blossom, and bearing fruits. 

The LED light can provide a sunlike full spectrum that contains all wavelengths of light from 380nm up to 800nm. It can deliver more highly-uniform light than the single red and blue grow lamps. With an 18 inch gooseneck, the light provides you a 120° beam angle for more effective lighting. 

Flexible gooseneck and rotatable bulbs allow the user to adjust it to the perfect angle and distance from the plants and change it easily, providing 360° illumination for your plants to promote their growth. You can also select three different lighting modes with dual switch designs according to your plant’s needs.

The shell of bulbs is made of aeronautical aluminum for high efficiency and heat dissipation. The LED light is designed with the fin-shaped heat sink to increase the heat dissipation area. All while being safe to use, as it comes with overheating, over current, and overvoltage protection. 

User Critic 

Users have mainly two issues with this LED light. Some users doubt that the bulbs are full spectrum as they are very purple. On the other hand, the goose-necks are not so durable and strong, and they cannot support the bulb when fully extended. It is also mentioned that the LED light needs to be turned off after five hours.

Easy setup and use 
Worth it 
Very quick results
Flexible and sturdy 
Compact unit 
The cord is not supper long 
Gets warm quickly 
Not full spectrum
Goosenecks are not so strong
Needs to turn off after 5 hours 

The Verdict 

There are many advantages of this LED grow light. But we find many users not quite happy with some features, such as the cord of this light that is not so long. Every product has its advantages and disadvantages, but this one is worth giving it a try. If you are a commercial grower and home hobbyist then it is perfect for you. 

7. Juhefa Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Vegetables 


The Juhefa is the second most cost-effective LED grow light in our list. This full-spectrum LED light is equipped with 75 high-power LED chips 47 red, 19 blue, 3IR, 3UV, and 3 white. The wavelength of 3 IR is from 730 to 735mm for flowers and fruits. The UV light is perfect for seeding and sterilization and the white LED lights help plants in photosynthesis. 

The panel size of this light is 12.2×4.7×1.2 inches, making it perfect to use for indoor and hydroponic plants. You can also use this LED light as a supplement side panel during bloom. 

The LED light comes with one power cord and steel hanging kits with 4 ropes, making it easier to assemble and set up. It also has a good strength ABS material body and heat dissipation. The ABS material body ensures durability to your panel and enhances the longevity of LED light. 

The Juhefa is a highly efficient energy-saving LED light, and provides you with a 12 months warranty plus 30 days money-back guarantee in case you face any issues.   

User Critic 

Although many users are satisfied with this LED grow light, some have complained that it is not so useful for plants, since they are very dim and small, and because of this some plants don’t get enough light they need. Other users got some defective units, and are recommending high wattage LED light to grow plants quickly.

Affordable plant light
Very lightweight
Easy to use
Good starter light
Does not overheat
Not so effective 
Some users got defective units
Lights are very small
Not so bright 

The Verdict

This LED light is very affordable, lightweight and easy to use. However, you have to adjust the lamp very close to the plants. The LED is not so bright and warm, and because of the small and dim Led lights, your plant cannot get enough light they need. Although a good product, beware that your plants may require more time to grow with it.  

How to Find the Best LED Grow Lights for Vegetables

If you are a commercial grower or a home hobbyist then you know well that choosing the best LED light depends on your plants’ needs. The grow lights are available in many varieties and features. Before you buy an LED light ask yourself, can this LED light fulfill my plant’s requirements? 

To answer this question you have to consider some features first before buying LED grow lights. 

Read on to learn more… 

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The plants need different wavelength lights to grow which is called the electromagnetic spectrum. Some spectrums are visible while others are invisible. 

Visible Lights 

  • Red: Red light helps plants in the photosynthesis process. Plants need red light in maturation. The red light contributes to flowering and germination. It is most effective when combined with blue light. only, red light is harmful in vegetative stages. 
  • Blue: Blue light is useful at the beginning and vegetative stages. The blue is the first color that plants absorb. The best grow lights for seedlings must include this light.
  • White: white is a combination of all visible lights. White light can be helpful in all stages. 
  • Purple: Purple cannot provide enough energy to plant for the photosynthesis process. But it can be useful in vegetative stages. 
  • Green: Greenlight is a reflector but a small amount of green light can be helpful in energy conservation. 
  • Yellow: The yellow is the least useful light in all visible spectrums. 

Invisible Spectrums 

  • IR: IR means infrared light. The wavelength of IR is 730 to 735nm which is good for flowers and fruits. 
  • UV: UV stands for ultraviolet light. The wavelength of UV is between 390 to 395 and it is good for seeding and sterilization. 


Durability is an important thing to consider before buying LED grow lights. You should purchase a Grow light that is made from high quality and durable material. The wire’s quality is also necessary. The LED light should have wires that do not catch fire. It is good if any light comes with PVC insulated or fire-resistant wires. They are flexible so its current capacity is higher than others. 

Special Feature

The LED lights come with some features. These special features include everyday timer function, spectrum control, and brightness feature. These features can help your plant to grow fast. 


If you are going for a vacation this timer feature allows you to set a time to turn on and turn off light. With this function, the LED will automatically start at the same time every day. But some LED lights do not come with an everyday timer so you need to make sure this feature is there if it’s important for you.  

Spectrum Control 

The Spectrum feature can help plants to grow fast in different stages. Most of the grow lights have three light changing modes with red, blue, and mixed light. The blue light is helpful in the begging and vegetative state. The red light can be used in flowering and germination. Also, red light helps plants in the photosynthesis process. 

Brightness Feature 

Different brightness levels help the plant to grow. With this feature, you can set the brightness level according to your plant’s needs. 

Cooling System 

The cooling system keeps your LED light cool. Most of the LED lights do not get warm, some LED lights are using heat sinks to dissipate the heat, others use high-quality fans. These last, however, can create irritating noise.   

Coverage Area

Before you buy a LED light you should consider your grow area. Calculate your growing area where you want to grow your plant before you choose a LED light that can fully cover it. A normal LED light can cover from 3.0 to 3.5 feet growing area easily. 

Consider PAR

PAR means photosynthetically active radiation. PAR is an alternative to sunlight. In short, this is the light that plants can use for photosynthesis. Every LED grows light has different PAR values depending on manufacturing. Do not think that LED light has high PAR means it is the best for plants. 

PAR should be distributed to every plant from the center to the edge. Otherwise, the plant that is directly under the light will get more PAR compared to the ones on the edges. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the coverage area.   

Price & Budget 

Budget is the first thing you should consider when buying a grow light. We highly recommend you buy the best you can afford, but do not set your budget too cheap. LED grow lights are not as cheap as home lighting bulbs. Still, there are many affordable options, but keep in mind, with cheap LED lights you have to spend money on repairing and replacements. So think about your budget, needs, and LED lamp as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q- Can grow light help plants to grow in the winter season? 

A- Yes, the grow lights are specially designed to grow plants in rainy and winter seasons. Because the electromagnetic spectrum plants can easily grow, weather does not matter.

Q- What is the electromagnetic spectrum? 

A- The electromagnetic spectrum is an alternative to sunlight. The electromagnetic spectrum is a type of radiation (energy) that travels and comes out as visible light from a lamp. The electromagnetic spectrum contains two types of light visible (red, blue, and more) and invisible (IR and UV).

Q- For how many hours should I keep the LED light turned on?

A- 12-14 hours in the vegetative stage, 9 to 12 hours in the flowering stage, and 7-8 hours in the fruiting stage.

Q- Can I keep my light turned on for 24 hours? 

A- No. By keeping light on for 24 hours your plant’s natural process of growth can be interrupted. We recommend you keep the light on for 12 to 18 hours maximum in a day. 

Q- Which vegetables can I grow under the light? 

A- Many vegetables can grow under LED lights, here are some examples: 

  • Tomatoes 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Ginger 
  • Onion 
  • Oregano 
  • Microgreens 
  • Mint 
  • Spinach 
  • Carrots 
  • Scallions 
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