7 Best Seed Starting Kits – Seed Germination

Gardening is a fun activity keeping you active and healthy. Spending time in your garden with your plants can help you reduce stress, anxiety, depression, anger issues, as well as diminish the risk of strokes, and keep you relaxed. 

Plants grow by the processes of seed germination, in which seeds develop into new plants. The growth of plants from seeds depends on multiple factors, such as the humidity levels in the environment, water availability, and temperature. 

Since different plants require different conditions for their growth, most of the plants grow faster indoors when the conditions are ideal, and you’ll be able to transfer them to your garden sooner rather than later. To provide these seeds with the perfect conditions, you’ll be needing Seed Starter Kits.

You can find a variety of seed starting kits in your local market and online. However, to narrow down your search, we’ve made a list of the 7 Best Seed Starting Kits. 

Seed Starter Kit 72 Cell Extra Strength –  Best overall  offering Superior Strength Germination Tray


Jiffy 50-Plant Seed Starter Kit –  Simplest yet effective  with no plastic pots, you can easily transfer them to your garden.


KORAM 10-Pack Seed Starter –  Best value for money  the base tray can withstand temperatures of up to 140°F.


Best Seed Starting Kits Review

Seed Starter Kit 72 Cell Extra Strength


Seed Starter Kit 72 Cell Extra Strength by Bootstrap Farmer guarantees the best humidity domes and longest-lasting seed starting trays you will ever own. Seed Starter Kit offers the largest tray compared to the other seed starter kits available. It offers a 21.25″ long and 11″ wide seedling tray. 

The cell tray consists of 72 cells and is 2.25″ in depth while the flat seed tray is 2.5″. Unlike other seed starter kits, the trays are sturdy and don’t break even with the roughest possible treatment and can last multiple seasons due to the superior strength germination trays. 

You can easily pick up the trays without them twisting when they are full of water. These trays were initially designed by Bootstrap Farmer to be used on farms and then made their way to the more personal gardening markets. Each kit comes with a flat 1020 tray without holes and 72 Cell Seedling Starter Plugs comprising of 6″ Extra Strength Humidity Domes which are perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and germination of seedlings. 

For a better growing environment, Seed Starter Kit by Bootstrap Farmer offers built-in adjustable vents for humidity control airflow in the 5″ domes. 

User Critic

The lid attaches to the cells, so it is not easy to pull it off to water the plants. Plug tray is larger compared to the domes and requires trimming of the tray for it to fit, other than that, Seed Starter Kit by Bootstrap Farmer is an ideal seed starting kit.


  • Highly durable
  • Tough, sturdy domes and trays
  • Offers up to 72 seeds to be germinated at once
  • Humidity Control


  • Domes don’t fit and requires trimming
  • Costly

The Verdict

Seed Starter Kit by Bootstrap Farmer is an ideal commercial-grade seed starting kit, that is highly durable and lasts for multiple seasons. The tray needs minor trimming for it to fit perfectly

Jiffy 50-Plant Seed Starter Kit


Jiffy 50-Plant Seed Starter Kit offers an inexpensive solution to your seed starting needs. It is the simplest yet effective greenhouse starter kit available. All you have to do is place a seed inside each plant starter pot, add water, and cover the lid. Doing this will provide the ideal growing environment for all kinds of seeds to germinate. 

As the name suggests, it grows up to 50 seeds. The planting pots are made up of compressed peat, which becomes completely unified with the root system upon the addition of water. Since there are no plastic pots, fully grown seedlings can be transplanted as a whole with the pot and can be easily moved to your garden, and it continues growing.

It is compact in size, the dimensions being 21″ x 11″,  which makes it ideal for Indoor gardening and greenhouse gardening.

User Critic

For a simple yet effective solution, Jiffy 50-Plant Seed Starter Kit is hands down the best. However, if you use it without the lid, it will mold very fast and result in no seed germination.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Peat pots
  • Highly effective


  • Not ideal for 50 plants to grow at once due to the lid
  • Requires the lid to be closed or it will mold 

The Verdict

Jiffy 50-Plant Seed Starter Kit works better when you have viable seeds for germination. It requires the lid to be closed, and plants need to be grown in batches under the lid.

KORAM 10-Pack Seed Starter


Koram 10-Pack Seed Starter is the ideal gardening starter kit. Koram offers ten seedling trays with a 1.9″ diameter. If you’re thinking about growing larger plants, these trays are perfectly sized for it. Under the ideal conditions, you can easily grow flowers, herbs, and vegetable seedlings like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, etc.

To ensure efficient transfer of heat and provide the ideal conditions to the seed germination kits, it offers built-in vents at the top of each dome. These vents allow you to adjust the humidity inside and customize it according to the plants that you’re growing.

The base tray is specifically designed for the growth of the seedlings; it offers space for excess water draining, so your seedlings won’t drown. The base tray can withstand temperatures of up to 140 °F. The seedling starter tray features a hole at the bottom of each cell to allow proper drainage, which in turn reduces the oversaturation of roots.

The trays are made of flexible and durable plastic, which makes the transplant and removal of plants relatively easy. To make sure they would not lose soil or soak up too much water under pressure, the bottom edge material of the tray is made thick.

For a better gardening experience, Koram gifts its users with a seed hole digger and a small shovel for moving the little cubes into larger cells or pots.

User Critic

Users claim this to be an excellent planting starter kit and absolutely love the handy seed hole digger and the small shovel. The lids might be a hassle if your plants grow more than a few inches. 


  • Large 1.9″ diameter trays
  • Ten sets of trays and domes
  • Can easily germinate up to 60 seeds 
  • Made up of flexible plastic
  • Humidity control
  • Efficient transfer of heat


  • Lids might not fit all the time
  • Requires a soil starter to be bought separately 

The Verdict

Koram Seed Starter is one of the best garden starter kits that can grow up to 60 seeds in the ten large planting trays. The only downside to using this is that the lids might not fit in perfectly with larger plants, and it requires a soil starter to be bought with it.

Window Garden Seed Starting Kit


Window Garden Seed Starting Kits feature three reusable and high-quality compact greenhouses, with dimensions of 10″ x 4.”. It fits perfectly on your windowsill or window shelf, making it easier for you to access and monitor the plant growth. 

Successful seed germination requires a warm environment, constant moisture, and viable seed. While you get the first two with Window Garden Seed Starting Kit, you only have to worry about one-third of this and find a viable seed. 

Window Garden Seed Starting Kit is the ideal germination kit for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re an adult or you’re buying it for your kid, anyone can use it provided a viable seed. It also features an excellent composter; 30 fiber soil starters that are made of coconut coir for you to plant your seeds in. 

To help you grow thick and strong roots, fiber soil starters offer a better root system that absorbs more oxygen, moisture, and humidity. Since the roots are air pruned and they stop growing naturally when they reach the sides. Apart from all these features, the growing trays are easy to transplant. You don’t have to remove the plants from starter fiber, and all you have to do is plant it directly into the soil without possibly damaging the roots of the plant.

User Critic

These plant starter pots make seed germination effortless. It is an ideal plant starter kit for indoor germination of seeds. The lid fits in perfectly, and the build quality is sturdy even though the germination trays are made of plastic, but when handled with care, it works great!


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Three reusable, high-quality greenhouses
  • Compact
  • Coconut coir seed starter
  • Air pruning feature 


  • Poor build quality
  • Requires handling with care

The Verdict

It is one of the simplest planting kits, whether you’re buying it as a gift for your child or yourself. The germination trays just need a little care, other than that it is one of the best plant starter kits. 

Ten Set Seedling Trays Seed Starter Kit, MIXC


Ten set Seedling Trays Seed Starter Kit by MIXC offers clear and transparent plastic trays that are ideal for monitoring root development and seed growth without interrupting the process. It offers two versions, one consists of ten sets of trays, domes, and bases that fit in perfectly, or you can also get 12 smaller cells per tray. The domes have a hole underneath that allows excess water to drain quickly.

The seed tray is consists of 6 cells each and measures 1.9″ in length, 2.1″ in width and 2″ in-depth, which makes this ideal for large seeds, such as tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants, etc. Since these large seeds grow faster compared to others, they need more space for their growth, and that makes this seed starter kit by MIXC an ideal planting starter kit. 

Considering the version you get, you can grow up to 60 to 120 plants in one batch—the vents at the top of each dome allows you to control the humidity. 

The bases are watertight and sturdy, which allows you to transfer your seedlings to larger pots safely. The trays are heat resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 120 °F. It also comes bundled with ten plant labels for the ten germination trays so that you won’t go wrong with your seeds.

User Critic

The transparent and clear plastic trays are what the users most like about MIXC 10 Set Seedling Trays Seed Starter Kit. They can be used for growing calla lilies since they take a lot of time to develop. The plastic on the top seems to be a lot weaker than how it is shown. 


  • Transparent seed trays
  • Offers two versions, 6-cell, and a 12-cell version
  • Humidity Control
  • Heat resistant


  • The top lid is made of brittle plastic

The Verdict

It is an excellent product for growing more plants in a single batch, apart from the top plastic lid being very thin.

Burpee Seed Starter Tray Seed Starting Kit


Burpee seed starter tray features one watering tray and two 16-cell planting trays with a self-watering mat and reservoir tray. The self-watering mat provides water to the roots for better growth, while you sit back and watch them grow in the clear greenhouse dome. 

It also comes with a natural coconut fiber seed starter that helps your seeds grow at much faster rates. These growing pellets work as a composter for your plants, and the cells measure 2. 25″ width x 2. 25″ length x 2″ height. They allow seeds to develop thick, strong roots systems for healthier plants. 

The large cells minimize the risk of damaging the roots when transplanting them to larger pots or the garden. Burpee Seed Starter Tray’s self-watering mat allows up to 10 days of watering. Make sure to add warm water for maximum expansion. It features six plastic plant markers allowing the lid to be held up in a raised position.

User Critic

The self-watering mat is the most significant selling point of this product. Although this might seem like one of the best planting kits, it’s the poor build quality is what concerns most of the users.


  • Self-watering Mat
  • 32 XL-Cells
  • Burpee Super Growing Pellets
  • Clear greenhouse dome


  • Poor build quality

The Verdict

If you can not be bothered by having to water your plants every few days, this might be the ideal greenhouse starter kit for you. It requires a lot of care because of the poor build quality.

Super Sprouter HGC726403 Deluxe Propagation Kit


Super Sprouter Deluxe Propagation Kit is one of its kind, featuring a double thick 10″ x 20″ greenhouse tray, bundled with an 18″ T5 fluorescent grow light. It offers a complete solution to all your starting needs. 

The 7″ ultra-clear greenhouse dome allows lots of room inside for the new plants to stretch out, allowing them to grow more freely. It is big enough to allow more room for the new plants, but at the same time, it is compact enough for you to keep it indoors and out of your way. 

Although it might seem like an ordinary product with a light, the 18″ T5 fluorescent light is where it makes all the difference. It is specifically designed to help the growth of the new seedlings.

User Critic

It is an excellent set up to germinate seeds and let them grow freely in the 7″ dome; however, it might produce more moisture and ruin the environment for some seeds.


  • Large 7″ dome
  • Features a fluorescent grow light
  • Compact in size


  • Produces excess moisture
  • Dome doesn’t fit the tray

The Verdict

It is overall a great product other than the fact that it produces excess moisture, which is bad for most of the seeds. The build quality has room for improvement.

What To Look For When Buying A Seed Starting Kit?

With so many options available, buying a seed starting kit might become a nuisance for some people. To pick a kit according to your liking, you need to keep a few things in your mind:

Cell Size and Quantity

Cell size and the number of cells is the first thing you should consider when buying a seed starting kit. Some seeds require larger cells, while others require smaller ones. Keep in mind that when the cells become larger, that means you will only be able to grow a few plants. 


The second thing that you need to look for is the dome size. All of the seed starting kits have a greenhouse dome that determines the height of the plant that you can grow in it. Bigger dome means you can keep your plants for longer durations inside and allow the new plants to stretch out more. One more thing to keep in mind is to make sure the dome fits perfectly in the trays. 


Most of the kits are made of plastic, while they might appear strong, but when it comes to moving them, they might become a hassle. When buying a seed starting kit, make sure the base and is sturdy and doesn’t leak water.

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