Best Small Grow Lights

Are you worried about how to grow your plants when there is no sunlight? Here is good news for you! 

Grow lights are a life-saver for people trying to grow indoor plants. These LED lights are designed to fulfill the light-needs of the plant in the absence of sunlight. Like sunlight, they also contain the full light spectrum that provides the required warmth to the plant, which helps them grow. This feature makes the grow lights an excellent alternative to natural sun rays. 

These lights are super effective for almost all kinds of plants, including orchids, houseplants, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, and a lot more vegetables and some fruits too. 

These lights effectively help in plant growth from the initial level, turning the seeds into healthy seedlings. So you do not have to worry about ending up with short-lived or unhealthy plants. You can also use these lights to grow herbs and green crops in winter. 

To get the desired results with these lights, you need to know the basics of plant growth and how to use them. You’ll find various fixture options to use in a specific situation and crop type.  

Not sure which one to buy? Let me walk you to the right option for you. I provide you with details about the best sellers of these lights. Dive into the features and save time and money without compromising the outcome.

  1. Sun System 150 Watt Complete HPS Grow Light Kit –  Best overall  Quality and light emission are perfect in it.
  1. Ankace 40 Watt Dual Head Dimmable LED Light with Timer –  Best features  Dual heads with a light timer.
  1. Shengsite 50 Watt UFO LED Plant Light –  Good for beginners  Great light and easy to handle.
  1. TaoTronics 36 Watt Full Spectrum LED Bulb – Smallest in size Regular shape with good light.
  1. Plant Lights by Haus Bright – Energy-saving Great for home use.
  1. Roleadro Grow Light – Especially for plants and flowers

Best Small Grow Lights Review

1. The Sun System 150 Watt Complete HPS Kit


While the Sun System 150 Watt Complete HPS Kit’s size is small the performance is great. This system has lights of 150 watts which makes it fit to fulfilling the task.

It is easy to use as well as it is extremely light in weight with a complete grow fixture and simple design. It has a built-in ballast for maximum output and with its compact design, you can easily grow your plants and vegetables.

It has the best overall kit, featuring a fixture, hangers, bulb, 7ft. grounded plug, and power switch. Hang the bulbs on thin, durable chains and turn them on. To ensure further ease and save you from the complicated assembly, the manufacturer provides the unit completely assembled so there isn’t much work left for you. It also has an energy-efficient growing power.

User Critic

According to them, this product is available with some excellent features but, those features need to be reset daily which is a negative element in this product.


  • No heating issues
  • High output
  • Efficient
  • Strong body


  • Shipping problems
  • Not compatible everywhere

The Verdict

If you are looking for a complete package then this one is the finest option for you because of the stability and the overall performance of the system. It has the finest build quality and less disturbance.

2. Ankace 40 Watt Dual Head Dimmable LED Light With Timer


The Ankace 40 Watt Dual Head Dimmable LED Light with Timer comes with excellent features which makes it very unique. You can use these lights for your home as well as your office. Also, they do not restrict you with plant types and work fine flowering plants, succulent plants, potted plants, etc.

It comes in a combination of blue and red LEDs that makes it super attractive and generates targeted wavelength. You can easily adjust the light intensity through the given modes to suit various growth stages. The gooseneck turns a complete 360⁰ that enables you to cover a wider or targeted area.

It is available with the three-timer setting options which allow up to 3, 6, or 12 hours according to plant needs. This is a one-way timer whereby lights can automatically turn on and off every day.

User Critic

According to the users, despite being highly adjustable these grow lights do not offer sufficient intensity wavelength for certain plants. 


  • Adaptable design
  • Adjustable body
  • Switch modes


  • Less productive
  • Less energy sufficient

The Verdict

If you are looking for a versatile light then this one is for you because of its adjustable design and body. The overall performance is also good while keeping the specifications in mind.

3. Shengsite 50 Watt UFO LED Plant Light


The Shengsite 50 Watt UFO LED Plant Light is another great option for people looking for a red-blue combination. 

It has 164 LED beads with 186 in red 64 in blue color. Together they provide an excellent combination of spectra, which supports healthier and faster plant growth. These are amazing for rainy and snowy seasons when the plants need extra light and warmth. The 60°condenser cup design makes the light more concentration and color uniform, promoting the plants to grow fast.

With the advanced brackets and low weight, this 50 watt grow light is super easy to use. Also, it does not require much effort to be put together so you won’t need any extra guides for that. Since it comes with a 78-inch long wire, you can hang it anywhere you want. Its high-quality build and overall construction make it a durable and advanced option.     

User Critic

According to the users, this grow light contains a large number of light beads and must have a dimming option to control them as per the requirements. However, the unit lacks that part and does not have any such option. 


  • Great light spectrum
  • Powerful emission of light
  • High lifespan


  • Less energy saving
  • No dimming

The Verdict

If you want a combined mixture of good light and excellent features then this product is the perfect example of it because it has a combination of lights and high growing efficiency.

4. TaoTronics 36 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb


The TaoTronics 36 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb is a full spectrum LED grow lamp with 12 LEDs that provides the plants all sorts of wavelengths to grow from the very early stages to a full bloom.

It features a unique umbrella design which ensures a wide coverage with uncompromised intensity. With 60-degrees wide beaming angle, there is a high chance that this one LED will do the task alone and you won’t need more. However, if you have a large garden area to cover you may try having another. 

Moreover, these lights are fit to be used for longer periods as they do not heaten up or damage overtime, neither do they dim out even after continuous use. Also, compatible with standard sockets, these lights are easy to connect and use.  

User Critic

Despite full light spectra, users have reported less powerful results in certain tough situations. 


  • Smallest and finest light
  • Full-spectrum light
  • Compatible


  • Not that powerful
  • Less equipped

The Verdict

If you are looking for the smallest grow light then you can consider it as well because of its low consumption and better results. This light is specifically designed for some places only.

5. 100W E27 Plant Lights by Haus Bright


The 100W E27 Plant Light Bulb by Haus Bright comes with a protective lens cover to make the product extremely protected. So you do not have to worry about the light getting extra intense for the plants. 

It has a full spectrum, which efficiently fulfills the plants’ requirements and ensures perfect growth. It comes in three different colors as well for better results. It gives a surreal effect to the plants too.

Not only is it energy saving, but also easy to install and use. Although it comes with an e-book and a video, you might not need that. Moreover, you’ll also enjoy extended warranty so if there is any issue during that period you won’t have to pay additionally.  

User Critic

Some users had complained about receiving faulty LEDs that affects the overall performance of the device, leading to reduced plant growth.


  • Protective
  • Indoor usage is easy
  • White lights


  • Faulty LEDs
  • No greater results

The Verdict

If you are looking for a product which is the best possible solution to grow plants at your home then this one is standing as a winner because of its strong and compact shape and as well as the house favouring lights.

6. Roleadro Grow Light, 1000W LED Grow Light


When it comes to the effective growth of indoor plants, Roleadro Grow light is great for this purpose. It makes use of the natural sunlight by availing the most beneficial Blue Red IR and white light that helps in photosynthesis.

Moreover, the product contains the unique 90-degree optical lens and Eplieds 10w chips design that bring higher PAR value and also produce brighter yield as compared to others. And it prohibits maximum light loss by proficiently using up to 98% of light into service.

This plant light adopted an LED bead and Zener design instead of the reflector to ensure that even if one LED stops working, it won’t affect others’ LEDs. Also, to highlight here, it rejects the heavy consumption by just utilizing 135w power.

Roleadro 1000w led grow lights have adopted 2 high-speed cooling fans along with the built-in heat-sink made of aluminum and also a unique built-in temperature controller to dissipate the inside heat from the lamp to outside efficiently.

User Critic

According to the users it is good in performance but the build quality is not that good to support a long term run.


  • No heating issues
  • Energy consumption is low


  • Poor Quality

The Verdict

A perfect purchase for a bulk quantity of growth because it has a strong light emission so it helps in growing herbs or vegetables in a large quantity. If you are looking for a device that helps in rapid growth so this will be the best option.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Small Grow Lights

Surface Area

If you are planning to grow plants, you must figure out the exact surface area you will work on. This will help you know the apt amount of grow lights you need and then you can proceed with the planning. 

Find Durable LEDs

So far, we have realized that if you are planning for indoor plant growing indoor then LED grow lights are a must for you to have. The importance even grows stronger for biology greenhouses. While growing these plants, you wouldn’t want the LED grow lights to stop working in the middle, leaving the plants to struggle along with you stuck in a haze. So always aim at the durability of the products.  The lights should be durable and also their construction should be kept of good quality. If not, then you’d witness your hard-earned money and precious time go down the drain. 

Cooling Mechanism 

Another very important thing to consider while buying any grow light is its cooling system. Always choose the grow lights that contain a good cooling system because you would need to use them for a longer time every day. These lights can get overheated after working 15 hours a day as this much is necessary for indoor plants. As we have discussed above, the excessive heat from these lights can negatively affect the plants. So, an excellent cooling system is a must. 

Build Quality

LED lights that comprise a good quality lamp have better durability. Its working life can last up to 10 years. This long period skips the stress of making changes into your set-up and you can freely focus on plants’ growth.

Brand Reputation

You need to know the brand which you are going to purchase as well as the market standing of that product for a better result in terms of purchase.

Electric Usage 

The 10-11 hours long-running LED grow light each day will result in a high rise in electricity bills. You cannot reduce the working hours as this much will be required by the plants. The reduction you can make is the minimum consumption of electricity for lights.

While choosing the grow lights, don’t overlook the details of every product. Take your time during purchase and give a detailed read to the description of these products. This will save you from many troubles later. Always consider the total units of the total output.

The scale usually varies up to 1,000W but 300W is the minimum you need, so don’t go below it. 

Conductors and Wiring

Another advice for buyers is to know about the conductors and wiring used in the lights. The semiconductors perform the main function of converting current into light. Not only this, but it also plays a crucial part in determining the wavelength. This is why you should always choose the grow lights that consist of a good chip with at least 3 watts. If not, it will fail the operation of illumination.

What You Want To Grow

When choosing grow lights it is crucial to consider the kinds of plants you want to grow as plants vary in their requirement of wavelength at each growth stage. Although all the LEDs are suitable up to some extent, some lights are made with certain plants or growth stages in mind. 

Easy to Use

These lights are simple and easy to use and do not require expert knowledge. However, you have to be careful about the type of plant and its growth level as that will help you understand the optimal portion of the light. Also, since they are super lightweight you won’t have to put in much effort for their placement. 

Warranty and Return Policy

The sign of a good product is also hidden in the fact that it offers a longer running time guarantee. This is why you should always demand to check the return or warranty policy of the products. Good quality LED light can work around ten years under average usage.

Not only this, but a good product will also provide you the warranty for the parts of these lights. So that, if the independent parts of the set-up stop working, you can always demand redemption from the manufacturers. Many products also contain spare parts to ensure smooth operation.

This article has not only shared some of the finest products that can help you grow indoor plants but also the tips that can come handy for you when you make a purchase next time.

So, take this knowledge with you and use it to grow the plants you want, anywhere, and anytime you feel like because these products and tips will minimize your efforts and maximize the yield.

Best Small Grow lights
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