12 Best Soil for Succulents – Know It All!

Are you struggling to grow your succulent but don’t know where the problem lies? It could be in your soil. Succulents can survive just about anywhere, but the one thing they cannot survive is in the wrong kind of soil. You need the best soil for succulents to make them flourish.

Succulents are quite different from regular plants; they can withstand any environment. You can place them outdoors or indoors as you like. They do not require much maintenance. Moreover, with the right kind of soil, they can flourish for a lifetime.

If you are searching for the best potting soil for succulents, you don’t have to go anywhere else. We have compiled a list of 12 best soil to nourish your succulents with nutrients. Let us check out the best among the list: 

  •  Best Overall  FoxFarm FX14054 Happy Frog Nutrient Rich Potting Soil Mix

The FoxFarm FX14054 Happy Frog Nutrient Rich Potting Soil Mix is great for plant growth. The mix is lightweight and provides sufficient aeration to the plant roots. 

  •  Best For Soil Compact Prevention  Miracle-Gro Potting Mix

Made with high-quality ingredients, Miracle-Gro is the best when it comes to preventing soil compaction.

  •  Best Value For Money  – Espoma CA4 4-Quart Organic Cactus Mix

A great value pack for beginners, the Espoma provides a nutritional boost to your succulent at such an affordable price. 

Best Soil For Succulents – Top 12 Picks

The key to growing a succulent is to understand and comprehend their soil requirements. This guide will help you understand your succulent needs so that you can choose the soil that meets your succulent requirements.

1. FoxFarm FX14054 Happy Frog Nutrient Rich Potting Soil Mix


This light textures ready to use soil is great for outdoor and indoor container plants or raised beds. The soil offers a unique mix of mycorrhizal fungi and soil microbes that helps in the development of the roots. 

Another exceptional feature of FoxFarm FX14054 Happy Frog Nutrient Rich Potting Soil Mix is how well the pH levels are adjusted. With a balanced pH, your succulents can intake maximum nutrients.

Apart from that, it contains peat and perlite to improve aeration and promote root growth. Moreover, the soil can retain moisture due to the presence of composted forest humus.

User Critic

What users liked about the soil is that it aims to improve drainage and aeration. Unlike other soil mixes, it helps in enhanced flower and fruit production. 


  • Well-draining
  • Great aeration
  • Ready to use immediately 
  • Balanced pH in every set


  • The packaging is not secure

The Verdict

For anyone beginning to cultivate their gardens, the FoxFarm is the best soil for succulents they can find in the market. In terms of its quality, it lives up to the worth and price you give.

2. Miracle-Gro Potting Mix


Miracle-Gro is one of the best potting soil for succulents, especially if you are a beginner. Whether you use it for outdoor or indoor potted plants, it does its job to provide support and anchorage for the roots. 

Its soil compaction property replenishes the nutrients into the plants, which makes it the best soil mix for indoor succulent plants. Moreover, the potting mix can feed your succulent for about six months. 

User Critic

The users were quite satisfied after the result as their plant blossom twice their size and became much perkier and greener than usual. 


  • Nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Prevent Soil Compaction
  • Good drainage
  • Used for both outdoor and indoor plants


  • To be used in containers
  • Possibility of Gnat infestation

The Verdict

If you are not sure what kind of soil works best for your succulent, you can use Miracle-Gro and see what wonders it can do to your succulent.

3. Espoma CA4 4-Quart Organic Cactus Mix


Espoma CA4 4-Quart Organic Cactus Mix is your choice if you want a soil mix that provides high-quality ingredients and yet comes at such an affordable price. The soil mix is known to provide a nutritional boost to your succulent plant.

What distinguishes Espoma from other soil mix is that the soil is enriched with Myco-tone Mycorrhizae. It is a special ingredient that used to provide a natural environment like setting to your succulent. 

Apart from the special ingredients, the soil mix has about fifty percent peat humus with peat moss, sand, limestone, and earthworm castings. This is the most natural potting mix for the succulents you can get.

User Critic

Some users had a problem with the water retention of the soil mix. It has moisture but not enough to stick to the soil. 


  • Neutral pH level
  • Retain moisture
  • Provides drainage and aeration
  • Promotes root growth
  • Can be used for all succulents and cactus


  • Does not prevent soil compaction

The Verdict

If you are looking for an all-natural and organic soil mix that can promote your succulent overall health, then Espoma is your best option.

4. Sun-Gro Horticulture 


Sun-Gro Black Gold Cactus Mix is blended specifically to suit all the growing needs of succulents and cactus. With the unique combinations of ingredients, it provides optimum drainage and superior soil structure to your succulent.

The unique combination of ingredients comprises the right quantity that is sufficient to grow your succulent. The blended mixture includes perlite, bark, volcanic pumice, forest humus, and sand that suit all kinds of succulents.

User Critic

The users found the Sun Grow soil succulent great for their plant’s health. The blended mix is not too dense or too light; it contains just the right amount to provide enough nutrients to your succulent.


  • No additives
  • Best for indoor, outdoor and houseplants


  • Takes time to dry

The Verdict

If you cannot choose between so many options for soil, Sun Grow can feed all types of cactus and succulents. Grab the soil mix and grow your plant.

5. Black Gold Organic Potting Soil


Black Gold Organic Potting Soil is the best option for vegetables, herbs, and container-grown succulents made from organic and pure ingredients. Moreover, the soil mix is certified by the Mulch and Soil Council as a premium potting mix.

The soil mix ensures enough air space and pore for the roots to breathe and their sturdy growth. This is possible because of the presence of pumice or perlite in its formula. 

Apart from that, it also contains compost, Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, organic fertilizers, and earthworm castings.

User Critic

Many users found this organic potting mix best for their succulent as within six days, the plants began to sprout and blossom.  


  • Reduce wilting due to resilience
  • OMRI Listed
  • Can be used in herb gardens, hanging baskets, and vegetable plantings


  • Can attract bugs and gnats

The Verdict

This rich and loamy mixture can be used for all types of gardening applications. If you have different types of succulents in various forms, this soil for succulents is worth considering.

6. Ferti-lome Cactus and Succulents


The ferti-lome Cactus mix is known for its versatility in providing the correct ingredients and natural conditions to your succulent. Being heavyweight, the potting mix for succulents performs extremely great even under low water applications.

Another interesting feature of the soil mix is that it helps to duplicate the conditions found in arid environments. This happens because it has extra perlite and granite sand in its mixture.

The two special ingredients also contain sand, horticulture perlite, Dolomite Limestone, Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, Wetting agent, and Starter Nutrient Charge. All these ingredients together make your succulent grow healthier and stronger.

User Critic

Users found the Ferti-lome Cactus and Succulents Mix great for their succulents and would like to recommend others to try on their plants.


  • Comes in a convenient 4-quart bag
  • Great for hobby use
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to handle because of heavyweight

The Verdict

You can have everything you need in this small bag of the best potting soil for succulents. Even more, it is affordable and quite easy to use. 

7. FoxFarm Ocean Forest FX14000


The Fox Farm Forest potting soil is a great choice for your succulent container plants. They are ready to use directly out of the bag. You no longer need nitrogen fertilizers for your succulent healthy growth; this blend will fulfill all the needs of your plant.

With a powerful blend of premium ingredients, the soil mixture can make your plants grow like never before. You will get a mix of earthworm castings, bat guano, Pacific Northwest crab meal, and sea-going fish in the blend. 

The mixture also contains sphagnum peat moss, composted forest humus, and sandy loam for the aerated and light texture. Moreover, the pH level is adjusted to provide maximum fertilizer absorption.

User Critic

The users were excited to see the excellent results after using the potting mix for soil. The soil is easy to apply, and the pH level maintains and provides a healthy nutrient balance to the plants.


  • No added fertilizers required
  • Light and Aerated texture
  • Quick Results within a week


  • Little expensive in this size

The Verdict

This best potting soil for succulents is great if you do not want to wait and would like to see your succulent grow and bloom fast. 

8. Espoma AV4, Organic African Violet Potting Mix


With no synthetic plant chemicals or food, you get a rich blend of only natural and organic ingredients with Espoma AV4, Organic African Violet Potting Mix. It is generally used for houseplants and African Violets.

What attracts the customers to this potting mix is its all-natural components that promote root growth and aerate the soil. Moreover, it also helps to retain moisture within the soil.

User Critic

Within days or repotting the African Violets with this soil, the African violets bloom to its full strength. The customers were pleased with the soil’s easy application, and repotting proved to be beneficial for their plants.


  • Great for Repotting
  • Improves Aeration
  • Retains Moisture
  • Promotes Root Growth


  • Soil can attract bugs
  • Only used for African Violets and household plants

The Verdict

No doubt, you cannot find another best potting soil for succulents if you own an African Violet. You can grab this soil at the best deal and with multiple features to grow your plant more healthy and green. 

9. Black Gold All Purpose Potting Soil With Control


The Black Gold All Purpose Potting Soil is the best soil for succulents in versatility and provides enough nutrients for plant growth. Manufactured in the United States, the soil is beneficial and advantageous for house plants and hanging baskets and patio containers. 

Another feature of Black Gold All Purpose Potting soil responsible for healthy plant growth is its slow-release process. The process helps to reach the nutrients to the roots of the plants and results in healthy and greener plants.

The soil is made up of Canadian sphagnum peat moss with worm castings, pumice, and forest humus blended to provide everything that a plant needs.

User Critic

The customers have used the soil for repotting again and again and got amazing results every time. Very Few users experienced the production of gnats and flies around the house due to the soil. 


  • MultiCote controlled-release fertilizer
  • Multi-purpose
  • Provides strength with a slow-release complete fertilizer


  • Soil can attract flies and bugs

The Verdict

The slow-release fertilizer helps the plant to grow its full strength and lasts longer than another potting mix for succulents. Your succulents will remain healthy for a long time in this soil.

10. Hoffman 14302 Western Desert Sand


This is a type of Western desert sand that is generally used for cactus garden and drainage. It is more like a soil cover that provides its touch of nutrients to container-grown plants. 

Hoffman 14302 Western Desert Sand is great at formulating its cactus soil as it contains washed silica sand. Moreover, the pores in a rock help in absorbing water. 

User Critic

The sand makes an excellent decorative soil cover. After some time, it gets mixed with the soil and nourishes your plant. The sand is great for household plants. 


  • Water-retention
  • Decorative soil cover
  • Lightweight
  • Great for gardening and terrarium making needs


  • Only used as top dressing of the plant

The Verdict

If you want to give your succulent a desert kind of look, you can use the soil cover. This not only makes your succulent visually beautiful but also provides nutrients for its growth.

11. Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix


If you are growing your succulents in patio containers or raised beds, the Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix will make your job easy. The potting mix can feed the plants up to three months by releasing nutrients at a fast pace.

The most appealing feature of Burpee Potting Mix is that it is made up of sustainable and renewable coconut coir. It helps to retain the moisture between waterings for vegetables and herbs and vibrant flowers. 

User Critic

The Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix is great to prevent gnat infestation in your house. Even after years of usage, users have not witnessed bugs or flies around the plants or in their house.


  • Best for raised bed gardening
  • Feed plants immediately
  • Slow-release mechanism
  • OMRI Listed for organic use


  • Water retention is not adequate

The Verdict

The Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix will keep your succulents away from gnat infestations. You will not experience a single issue if you use the mix for your succulents. 

12. Coast of Maine Bar Habor Light Potting Soil


The Potting Soil offers a lightweight soil mixture made with blueberry, salmon, and lobster along with sphagnum peat, kelp meal, perlite, chitinrich lobster shells, and calcium. 

Another interesting feature of the Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Light Potting Soil is its drainage and water retention ability to maintain the plant’s healthy growth. Moreover, it also maintains the soil texture and improves aeration for consistent growth. 

User Critic

The potting soil requires less moisture as compared to the other potting soil for succulents. The users don’t have to add worm casting as the mix is packed with enough nutrients. 


  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Great for house plants, window boxes, and container gardens
  • Provide a balance between drainage, water retention, and aeration
  • Lightweight 


  • Expensive than other potting soil

The Verdict

With the Coast of Maine, you get everything in one small package, from sea materials to compost. It is worth buying a potting mix for your succulents.

How To Choose Your Soil For Succulents?

Several factors play a crucial role in determining the right soil for succulents. It is important to know and understand what these factors do to promote the health of your succulents.


To let your succulents live longer, it is important to allow the excess water to drain out. Also, you should not overwater your succulent. However, if your soil can retain sufficient water, you don’t have to water your succulent regularly. The soil will make the water reach the roots.


The soil comes in a variety of sizes and textures. You should know just by touching the soil whether it is best for your succulent or not.

If the soil feels damp when you open the bag, then it is not the right soil for your plant. The soil will retain more water and overload it with too many nutrients. Look for the soil that is not too damp or too dry to provide the right amount of nutrients to your plants.


Succulent comprises about 80 percent mixture of worm casting, bark, gravel, and sand; the other 20 percent consists of actual dirt. The materials have their unique properties to nourish as well as flourishing the plants.

How To Prepare Potting Soil For Succulents?

If you like to avoid all the hassle of searching and buying the soil for succulents online, don’t worry; you can make it yourself. The whole process is quite interesting and effortless.  

Follow the steps below to know how you can prepare the soil for succulents: 

  • First, you require ingredients such as coarse sand, perlite, and potting oil.
  • You can even use all-purpose potting soil that is very helpful in the growing variety of succulents.
  • Next, you need to mix in the right amount, depending on whether your succulent is outdoor or indoor.

You can also add warm tea to the mixture. After mixing, keep the mix in a container, and it will be ready for your use.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are There Any Tips For Growing Healthy Succulents?

Growing a succulent is easy if you know what your plant needs.

  • Water at regular intervals: Do not provide excess water to your succulent. 
  • Sunlight: Make sure your succulent gets enough sunlight to grow. The succulents need at least six hours of light in a day.
  • Store in the Right Container: Before purchasing the container, make sure that it has excellent drainage capability. There should be holes to drain out excess water.
  1. Can You Just Use Rocks As A Soil Mix For A Succulent?

Yes, you can use rocks as a soil mix for your succulent. However, you should be careful about the size of the rocks. And there should be some soil in your plant as rocks cannot provide enough nutrients alone.

  1. Can A Regular Potting Mix Be Used For Succulents?

No, the regular potting mix will retain a lot of water, which is not good for your succulents. Also, the normal potting mix has too many nutrients that your succulent might wither.

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